A fake spike for a score
Foxboro Stadium
3 September 2000

The background
We all love trick plays. And the first time a team pulled off the fake spike play (Dan Marino in 1994 v the Jets), we all watched and laughed. But little did we expect the Bucs to one day do the same.

All summer the Bucs rehearsed a faux spike. "It's the kind of play you practice a thousand times," general manager Rich McKay said, "knowing you might never get to use it once." Sunday brought optimum opportunity. Les Steckel, new on the job as offensive coordinator, made the call, hoping all 11 of his players got the muted cue but that New England suspected nothing.

The game situation
There were 35 seconds left in the first half with the Bucs trailing 10-7. Shaun King lined up as if to spike the ball to stop the clock and all the other Buc players went along with the designed ruse. Patriots CB Kato Serwanga fell for it most and Reidel Anthony was able to catch the lofted King pass for a decisive score.

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