Mike Alstott
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Mike scores on a reception during Tony Dungy's first win as a head coach
Another classic Mike Alstott touchdown from his rookie 1996 season v New Orleans
Mike's legendary one-yard run in Minnesota in 1997
Mike's famous touchdown from the 1997 road game in Atlanta
The 1997 New England Patriots feel the full force of the A-Train
Mike scores the final Buc touchdown in the Old Sombrero
Mike scores against the Denver Broncos in 1999
Alstott up the gut, touchdown Tampa Bay - this one from 1999 v the Packers
The road game in Green Bay in 2001 and another chance for Gene to go crazy
The amazing run from the Cleveland game in 2002
Mike opens the scoring in the 2002 playoff win over San Francisco
Alstott up the gut, touchdown Tampa Bay - Super Bowl XXXVII v the Raiders
Mike's two-point conversion to win a 2005 game against Washington