THE 100 BEST BUCCANEER PLAYERS So where do you start with such a countdown?   The top players seem pretty obvious, Selmon, Brooks, Barber, Lynch, Sapp, Alstott, Wilder etc but deciding on which receivers and offensive linemen to include is another matter?   Do you include current players (McCoy and Winston) and how about players who went on to greater success after leaving Tampa (Steve Young)? 1,123 players now appear on the all-time roster including the 44 who only appeared 1987 strike games and the two who only participated in post-season games.   The original selection list had almost 200 possibilities (sadly not including Vito McKeever) and then it was a case of paring the list down from there.   To try and distinguish the merits of the 73rd and 74th best players is nigh impossible although the top 10 took some serious deliberation. Six quarterbacks made the final list, three kickers and no less than 15 receivers.   Some players may surprise you for their inclusion but the main goal is to recognise the best in franchise history irrespective of statistics and era they played in.   The Super Bowl team is well represented as is the 1979 team that first made the playoffs.  Some players are included for single particular achievements or memorable plays and I also had to ignore personal favouritism knowing a lot of deserving former players now as friends. So here we go, 100 days until the finish with nearly every one having a video highlight clip to share on this site.   All of the daily clips will be able to be found on the BUC POWER Facebook page where Buccaneer fans from around the world can post their own comments and memories of each one.    By the time we finish, the 2017 pre-season will be well under way but for now, the dog days of summer will seem more memorable with your daily dose of Buccaneer historical highlights.