HARD KNOCKS When the NFL Network produces a show, then you know it will be done properly and will be something special.  The latest edition of Hard Knocks lives up to those lofty goals. Past series have been worth watching but when the 2017 series was announced to feature the Buccaneers, then all our interests were raised.    The worry was that it would prove to be a distraction to the players and coaches.  The positives were an inside look at our favourite team that many would never have seen before.  Player meetings, coaches’ discussions and of course the steps taken to reduce the roster during training camp. The first two episodes have been magnificent with more insights than we could possibly have hoped for.  The whole saga of Roberto Aguayo’s struggles and eventual release.  The traditional feature of an unknown rookie and his quest for a roster spot (Riley Bullough).   And the proof on film as to the leadership qualities of Jameis Winston and Gerald McCoy and a look at what Dirk Koetter is like in meetings and practice with his star pupil. For myself, it has also been a chance to see so many friends at One Bucccaneer Place appearing sometimes fleetingly on camera but noticed all the same.   Many colleagues on the PR staff,   Tampa beat reporters and front office staff.  The show airs each Tuesday on HBO in America and Thursdays on Sky Sports here in the UK.  The NFL Network also has the show available for British fans although it has been noticed that the Sky programme has had several minutes taken off the original version. The next three weeks will see more roster cuts and the Bucs’ own “Turk”, Shelton Quarles in action as the man who will issue the immortal words “Coach wants to see you, bring your playbook”.