BEHIND THE SCENES - WHAT IS HAPPENING ON BUCPOWER.COM? There may not have been a competitive NFL game played since the Bucs beat the Panthers in January but that is not to say things are not happening behind the scenes on the best Buccaneeer site.   All of the 4,500 game reports have now been renovated, a project that has taken most of the off-season. Now this is done, work will start on the game screens putting them into a better format with video highlights and more pictures.    Several seasons have already been completed including the inaugural 1976 campaign, the strike-shortened 1982 season and the most recent 2016 one.   As other Buccaneer fan sites come and go, this one has found its niche in the market for information about the franchise.   The likes of Pewter Report and The Tampa Bay Times can report on the day-to-day events involving the 2017 Bucs and their players but when it comes to the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then there is only one place to bookmark.  And of course it will always remain free to access for fans around the world. The list of former players who have contacted BUCPOWER.COM grows almost weekly with both stars and back-ups alike from all eras of the franchise offering their comments on what they have found here.  I have been able to produce highlight films and game clips of many of them in action, from the most well-known of the quarterbacks to the most seemingly obscure pre-season camp invite.   When one former defensive back offered me free legal representation in Alabama for help in finding his exhibition game touchdown from the late 1980s, then I knew I had it made! The internet has made the world a smaller place and Buc fans from all parts of the globe can now follow their team more easily than other.   There may be no need for paid-up fan clubs any longer and a fan giving money away like that is like a Vinny interception into triple coverage (just a terrible decision!).   You may still have to pay for the NFL live coverage and particular ESPN Insider information but the likes of BUCPOWER.COM and the Buccaneers’ own site with the admirable Scott Smith involved with always be there for free. So as BUCPOWER.COM continues into its 16th season of operation and the hit total passes the 10 million mark, you can rest assured that there will be no resting on my laurels from this side of the Atlantic.