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WHAT GAME FOOTAGE MEANS TO FORMER PLAYERS Over the past decade, as news of BUCPOWER.COM and its extensive game video archive spread, I have been contacted by many former players asking for clips and coverage from their time in the NFL.   It may seem strange in this current digital world of immediate access to anything and everything for such requests, but think back to the 1980s and how difficult even watching the Bucs was at the time.   Game blackouts, limited highlight coverage and just perhaps one or two pretty poor teams to boot. It has been great to help ex-Buccaneers out in this way.  Players who I grew up reading about and then watching, now contacting me and so appreciative of memories of their careers.   I have even had players who never even made the team out of training camp in touch, one of whom will be featured during the “On this day” series that begins at end of this month. Dan Sileo is the latest former player to be in touch.  Dan is the only player ever selected by the Buccaneers in the official NFL Supplemental Draft having been declared ineligible for his senior year at Miami by the NCAA.  The Bucs used what would be a 1988 3rd round pick to draft him in the summer of 1987 and he played all 10 games after the players’ strike that season.  He now works as the host on a sports radio station in San Diego having previously worked in the Florida media and has in the past few days, been able to relive memories of his games against the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Walter Payton.   His Facebook page has become a “who’s who” of NFL history posting comments. When I first started this site back in 2002, I had no idea of the impact it would have.  Former Bucs center Steve Wilson told me how much every ex-player appreciated just having their own page with stats, pictures and profile notes.  Now in recent years, the advent of video editing technology has taken this one stage further.   And long may it continue.