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1981-83 Brad WhiteDT
1985-88 Ron Holmes DE
1987 Mike Clark DE
1993 Chidi Ahanotu DL
1994 Milton Jones DE
1996-98 Jason Maniecki DT
2002 Buck Gurley DT
2003-06 Dewayne White DE
2007-09 Gaines Adams DE
2010-12Roy Miller DT
2013Derek LandriDT
2014Michael JohnsonDE
2015Henry MeltonDT
2017Chris BakerDT
2018-Jason Pierre-PaulDE
The No.90 shirt
As we move into the top series of numbers in Buc history, we move into an area primarily reserved for defensive linemen who loved the chance to wear numbers in the 90s when it became fashionable for them to do so in the early 1980s.

Ron Holmes will go down as the best of the 10 ends to wear this number, simply because Chidi Ahanotu only wore it for one season before switching to his normal 72. Holmes was a top draft pick who spent four seasons in Tampa and did really under-achieve based on his draft selection.

Jason Maniecki was a player with a Polish background but not really a polished resume but he lasted longer than Buck Gurley in the number. Roy Miller was a fan favourite during his time in Tampa.

Dewayne White had four good seasons before moving on to the Lions in a big-money free agency deal, but he was always better coming off the bench as a pass-rush specialist than being an every-down lineman.

And then of course there is the late Gaines Adams, sadly to go down as one of the draft busts from the No.4 overall selection in 2007 and even more sadly, no longer with us either. Michael Johnson and Chris Baker were both free agent flops in the number but then along came Jason Pierre-Paul in a 2018 trade with the Giants and after posting the first double-digit sack total in franchise history, he becomes our best ever.


Ron Holmes Dewayne White Gaines Adams Michael JohnsonJason Pierre-Paul