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1976 Freddie DouglasWR
1977Lon BoyettTE
1978 Mike Levenseller WR
1978 Karl FarmerWR
1979-82 Gordon Jones WR
1984 Zach Thomas WR
1985 David Verser WR
1987-91 Bruce HillWR
1987 David Jackson WR
1992 Mike Barber WR
1992-94 Charles Wilson WR
1996-98 Robb Thomas WR
1999 Darnell McDonald WR
2000 Blake Spence TE
2001 Sean McDermottLS
2002-03 Reggie Barlow WR
2004-08Joey Gallloway WR
2010 Nathan Overbay TE
2012David Gilreath WR
2013Tom Crabtree TE
2014-Cameron Brate TE
The No.84 shirt
Until the ageless Joey Galloway came along in 2004, the only really decent receiver to wear this number was Bruce Hill. He was the second-ever Buc to exceed 1,000 yards in a season having emulated Kevin House in 1988. His career was cut short by injury after a great first two seasons.

Charles Wilson posted one of the best receiving games in franchise history when he scored on two long TDs and had 176 yards on just four receptions in a 1994 game against the Rams. The rest of his career didn't amount to much more than that however.

Gordon Jones was a high draft pick who never really panned out with the Bucs, and most of the other players on this list were quickly forgotten although Robb Thomas was a fan favourite during his short time with the Buccaneers.

So it comes down to the ageless Galloway to take the honour for his three 1,000-yard seasons with the franchise and some memorable touchdowns in the process.

Outside of Cameron Brate's recent development into a scoring tight end, none of the more recent converts to the jersey have done anything special making this one of those numbers that had a ton of quantity but only a little in terms of quality.


Gordon Jones Bruce Hill Joey Galloway