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1976Vince KendrickRB
1976Reggie PiersonCB
1980-83Neal ColzieS
1984Michael MortonRB
1985-86Ron SpringsRB
1987Rick WoodsS
1988-90Odie HarrisS
1991Robert WilsonFB
1992James BrooksRB
1993Jerry GrayS
1997-2012Ronde BarberCB
The No.20 shirt
Moving away from the 1-19 specialist numbers, we come to some of the most well-used numbers in Buc history and one that was worn by one of the best players in franchise history too and probably will be retired at some point in the future too.

From Vince Kendrick's initial and only carry for the Bucs in the first game in 1976 through to Ronde Barber's immortal 92-yard interception return that started in Philadelphia and wound up in San Diego, No.20 has seen a lot of players come and go.

Neal Colzie was a good member of John McKay's secondary for several seasons and former Cowboy Ron Springs had his moments covering for James Wilder when the latter was injured.

James Brooks remains the only Buc to have ever played in the British Football League and Jerry Gray is now an up-and-coming defensive co-ordinator following the end of his playing days in the NFL.

But when it comes to the all-time best, there really is no contest. Ronde is on his way to Canton for the NFL Hall of Fame when he finally retires and I would be amazed if the Buccaneers did not retire his number too meaning these 11 players will probably be the only ones to ever wear it for the Buccaneers.


Reggie PiersonNeal ColzieRon SpringsOdie HarrisRonde Barber