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1976Isaac HaginsWR
1980-81Garo YepremianK
1982-83Michael MortonRB
1985-89Donald IgwebuikeK
1987Van TiffinK
1992Ken WillisK
1995Reggie RobyP
1996Marvin MarshallWR
2001-02Joe HamiltonQB
2010Robert MaloneP
The No.1 shirt
Although this is always a popular number in the NCAA, NFL rules regarding the use of numbers 1-10 in the league have restricted its usage in the pro game. Hence of all the Buccaneers to have worn No.1 in a regular season game, five have been kickers and three others specialist return men.

Isaac Hagins wore No.1 throughout the expansion 1976 season and will always be known for returning two kickoffs for touchdowns during that exhibition season. Hagins became more of a receiving threat by the following year and hence switched to 81 in 1977.

Garo Yepremian won a SuperBowl ring with the perfect 1972 Dolphins and Donald Igwebuike was the best kicker the Bucs have probably ever had. The late Reggie Roby was also a Dolphin for many years but spent only one season in Tampa, and former Cowboy Ken Willis was a bust as a Plan B free agent signing in 1992.

Michael Morton was the team's primary kick returner for two seasons before switching to a normal running back number of 20 in 1984, whilst Marvin Marshall wore No.1 briefly in his short NFL career when he was promoted from the practice squad to return punts in 1996.

Robert Malone who took over the punting duties in 2010 is the most recent person to wear No.1 whilst kicker Van Tiffin wore that jersey for the three replacement games in 1987.

THE BEST TO WEAR NO.1 - Donald Igwebuike

Garo YepremianMichael MortonDonald IgwebuikeReggie RobyMarvin Marshall