BUCCANEERS 2020 OPPONENTS The Bucs will be one of the first teams to play in the Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas next season as the interconference schedule sees them travel there and to Denver.  Road games in Chicago, Detroit and the Giants make up the away part of the schedule.  Four playoff teams will come to Tampa as the Packers, Chiefs, Vikings and Saints will be hosted.
THE 50 MOST MEMORABLE GAMES IN BUCCANEER FRANCHISE HISTORY This is a countdown looking back at memorable games throughout the 44-year playing history of the Tampa Bay NFL franchise.  These will not all be great victories, far from it.  But every one of these games will have a story to tell about the varied fortunes of the Buccaneers since the very first game in the Houston Astrodome in September 1976.  And whilst the final game in the countdown will be no surprise to anyone, I think any Buc fan, however long they have supported the team to whatever level, will find many of these games tell a story they did not know or perhaps bring back memories of those they did.    Enjoy the countdown and post your own memories on social media.
27  DOING IT TO PHILLY AGAIN 8 September 2003 - Buccaneers 17 Eagles 0 The Philadelphia Eagles must really hate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  OK so the feeling is mutual from their fans but there have been several occasions when the Bucs put a really devasting loss on the City of Brotherly Love. There will be two other games featuring the Iggles in this countdown and I have left out the Matt Bryant 62-yard fieldgoal game which really would have iced the cake. The defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers began the defense of their title on the road in Philadelphia in a re-match of the NFC title game.  This time they opened their new stadium with a home loss just as they closed the old one.  Joe Jurevicius had a pair of touchdown passes, one a highlight reel self-deflected effort and the defense lived up to its old billing with a shutout. Click here for reports, stats and pictures from this game