The Buccaneers' letter to Santa
Dear Santa, It's that time of year again where everyone asks you what they want and we here at Raymond James Stadium thought, to save you time, we'd write all the things we want in one letter this year.

We've been really good this year...ok not too bad...ok not very good...ok awful, but we were good back in September, does that count? Some of us have been good. Adrian Clayborn would like...a trade. Ronde Barber would retire. As far as the good kids go thats about it.

Our Head Coach Raheem Morris would still have a job come 2012. Our OC Greg Olsen would get out of town without the need for a mob.

Have you seen our big monster of a running back LeGarette Blount? He has two requests Santa if that's ok? He'd like more than ten touches a game and he'd liked some "No More Nails" for his gloves.

Mike Williams would to be 2010 again. Kellen Winslow, Gerald McCoy and Brian Price have all asked for the same thing (they're not an imaginative lot) they'd all like a new body that isn't made of lego and sticklebricks, it has to be one that they can practice all week and play more than eight games a season with please.

There are a lot of things the guys on the Bucs roster want this Christmas Santa so we'll push on. Josh Johnson would not have to run for his life on the three plays a year he's in for. Donald Penn wants...another TD.

I said I wouldn't ask as I think it's beyond your powers but Aqib Talib said any chance of no jail time? He's not keen on the idea and told me to tell you that if you don't do it then he'll shoot you. Stupid boy.

Frank Okam said he'll have the usual Christmas food hamper. Tanard Jackson has asked you if you've got any of the "wink, wink" and can you drop it to the "nod, nod". Haven't got a clue what he's on about Santa but hopefully you do?

We're nearly there Santa but the last guy on the list was one of your best kids last year, you gave him everything he wanted. This year we can probably save you a journey to the Freeman household. Josh has asked for quite a lot!

To be allowed to run with the ball again, to have at least one receiver who can get open, he'd quite like a balanced offensive game plan...or a game plan in general. But more than anything Santa, Josh would like a defense that keeps him off the field for more than three minutes at a time, not in the good "another turnover way" but in the bad, "oh they've scored after three plays way". Josh isn't very happy Santa and could do with a pick me up. See what you can do for him eh?

I know you've been getting a lot of requests from other NFL teams asking for Tampa on their schedule next year but go easy on us eh St Nick.

Lots of love

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers x