The Bucs UK Club Meal at the Texas Embassy Cantina
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TJ Rives does a Q&A session This story sent him to sleep David Hogg and Alex Howells Denis and Amy Crawford just seen Denis wonders where desert is Reg Woollard has eaten it Damn pesky photographers Graeme Reid with NFL Films
Wayne Hough with TJ Rives Where did David get that shirt? Gary Woollard being the charmer Wayne doing the organiser bit The Welsh had their own section TJ Rives with Graeme Reid Two long-standing friends Alex Howells with NFL Films
Even Adam Ryan can't believe it TJ Rives' biggest audience ever Wayne Hough and the Moldauers Paul Stewart and Wayne Hough Listening intently to TJ Rives He's telling stories about me again Wayne Hough organised it all The things I do for the Bucs UK
Reg, Gary, Matt and Craig Woollard Listening to TJ Rives Not a bad speaker is he? Paul Davison and Steve Garget Helen and Alex Howells Graeme Reid and NFL Films Graeme Reid and partner Carrie Skilton
Mair and Ian Wilson David Cambridge David Hogg and wife Helen and Alex Howells