Bucs UK touch football with some Buccaneer alumni assistance
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Pre-game activities
Erik Story and Alex HowellsHarry Cambridge and Steve FordShelton Quarles and Brian FordKevin Cadle and Lee Roy SelmonFree T-shirtsRoy Cummings and Paul StewartHarry CambridgeMore free shirts
Mike AlstottBrian Ford and Shelton QuarlesThe players and NFL FilmsGraeme Reid and Denis CrawfordTalking with Shelton QuarlesKevin Cadle and Lee Roy Selmon
Mike Alstott
Josh HeslopSteve FordHarry CambridgeTim IlesGary BotteleyMarc KempSteve GargetMatt Woollard
Ian and Toby PapworthAlex HowellsStephen HeslopDavid CambridgeDenis CrawfordLee BromfieldPaul StewartAlex Howells
Paul StewartWayne HoughJohn DaviesGary WoollardIan and Toby PapworthGraeme ReidPaul StewartAlex Howells
Kevin CadleJohn Davies and Mark WoollardCraig Woollard
Lee Roy Selmon
David and Harry CambridgeDenis CrawfordAlex HowellsKevin CadleGary WoollardGary BotteleyWayne HoughIan Papworth
Toby PapworthGary BotteleyMatt WoollardGraeme ReidTim IlesSteve Garget
Shelton Quarles
Gary BotteleyGraeme ReidMarc KempAlex HowellsJohn DaviesWayne HoughGraeme ReidGraeme Reid
Wayne HoughSteve GargetSteve Garget
Gary BotteleyWayne HoughStephen HeslopAlex HowellsSteve GargetWayne HoughWayne HoughIan Papworth
Tina PapworthToby PapworthTim IlesGraeme ReidHelen HowellsSteve Garget
The game v UK Patriots (14-0 was the final score!)
Warming upStretch those hamstringsTime for a teamtalkRight who's playing QB?Older than Jeff GarciaGary Botteley not in motionDon't drop it DenisX Slot Y Motion Red 42 on one
Who let him play for us?Flare pass to the A-TrainStewart back to passWide open at the 5-yard lineOut of bounds at the 1-yard lineA-Train in the backfieldDenis "Ray Snell" CrawfordAlstott up the gut
Touchdown Bucs UKHis first UK touchdownIan PapworthDenis CrawfordMike AlstottPaul StewartCallum PapworthGeorge Cambridge
Shelton QuarlesThis one will definitely workCaptain Fear has an idea for a playJudge Botteley holds courtAndy Brown calls the playShelton Quarles on defenseBetter arm than GradkowskiDenis is easily impressed
Marc Kemp in the backfieldGraeme Reid at nose tackleJohn Smith to attempt a PATGraeme Reid on his arseErik Story has the slot manDiving attempt at the ballAnd now he pays the priceCan I have a replay review?
Denis "Rod Jones" CrawfordShelton with Marc KempThe QB bobbles the snapSteve Ford on defenseCan Steve make the grab?Alex Howells uses the blockAndy Brown gets meanErik facing the wrong way
Captain Fear in the slotErik kills Pat the PatriotThis was an awesome hitThe Bucs UK's star playersIan Papworth not watching the ballTim Iles scores againFoley Ogundele split wideLee Bromfield on the field
The Bucs UK sidelineFoley scores another TDSurrey Uni grads celebrate Ian Papworth playing the noseAlex reaching on defenseIan Papworth makes the grabErik defends the passAlex throws the bomb
Erik scores again Graeme Reid the cheerleader Folley and Ian on defense Slight age gap I think hereNice coverage from Folley Graeme always the sportman
Presentation pictures
I got this picture personally signed by all three next day at WembleyTime to recognise Gary Botteley for his efforts over the years in helping me run the Bucs UK - if only Phil Jones could have been there tooThe Bucs UK contingent
Gary Botteley has been part of
the Bucs UK since 1986
Even I felt over-awed Each of the three Buccaneer alumni receive souvenirs from NFL UK and also Bucs UK merchandise for being part of this special event
Sideline pictures
Denis CrawfordFlatten the Patriots'mascot!Gary Woollard and Pat PatriotMike Alstott and David CambridgeGeorge CambridgeJosh Heslop and Captain FearCaptain Fear and Alex HowellsCaptain Fear
Kevin Cadle and Alex HowellsErik Story and Alex HowellsAlex HowellsCarrie SkiltonIan PapworthSteve GargetJohn DaviesToby Papworth
Tim IlesToby PapworthPaul Stewart and Graeme ReidMedia everywhere!Graeme ReidTim IlesMascots unitedBritish bulldog NFL style
Celebration pictures
Wayne HoughDenis CrawfordIan PapworthThe Bucs UKThe Bucs UKAlex HowellsBucs UK - 2nd gameHarry Cambridge - game MVP