THE FUTURE OF BUCPOWER.COM Over the past month, I have to admit my passion for the Buccaneers and this site had seriously declined.  This had nothing to do with the on-field product or the interminable drag that is training camp or pre-season.  It was simply down to a concerted campaign of abuse I have been taking from a group of Bucs UK members, some of whom I used to consider friends.  It left me so disillusioned with continuing with the whole thing that I had all but finished with the site and was in negotation to sell it and its contents for a five-figure sum. Then I started hearing from people about why I should keep BUCPOWER.COM going.   Former members of the Bucs UK, Buccaneer fans around the world, media contacts from radio and television on both sides of the Atlantic and former Tampa Bay players and coaches.  And it made me realise what this site means to so many people.  And more important than taking any notice of a handful of self-indulgent individuals. TOTALLY IN IT FOR THEMSELVES Most of those posting derogatory comments either have their snouts firmly in the trough or want to make sure they do not miss out on their chance if they were to go to Tampa themselves, or the potential opportunities if the Bucs come to London again next year.  Or as one eloquent former member put it, “they’d eat their own **** if they were told to do so”.    Their main criticism has been around my only running the club and ultimately this site for my own ego.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is only natural from being in the media profession that I have appeared on radio and television promoting the franchise over the past three decades so one can only assume that jealousy is behind such accusations.  I have given away everything I have ever received in terms of merchandise or souvenirs from the Buccaneers and other donors.  Even when the Buc front office recently gave me golf shirts to wear during my many tournaments, I purposely told them the wrong size so I could pass them on to other British fans when I got home. One of the most vocal of the trough-dwellers even had his other half gate-crash a club event at One Buc Place in 2011 along with another similarly-selfish member and happily grabbed goodie bags that the Buccaneers had provided meaning the final two people at the event missed out.  This caused a lot of embarrassment with the Bucs front office but did lead to several more responsible people offering to give up their own freebies to compensate.   NO LONGER ANY PLACE FOR A PAID MEMBERSHIP FAN CLUB I have no intention of ever running such a fan club again and repeat my assertion that there is no need for a paid- membership booster club in this day and age.  The likes of Bucs Life, Buccaholics and What the Buc have proven it can all be run through Facebook and other such social media applications.   If a British version of that was created, I would offer my support in the same way I have to those organisations.  British-based fans have been able to take advantage of the superb access the Bucs have given their supporters in recent years without the need of Bucs UK involvement and I have been quick to compliment those who have done so. One can expect the usual suspects involved to continue posting their own vitriol going forward and they will probably have their message board poodle to be all over social media as he has been in the past.  Thankfully some of the longest-serving Buccaneer fans in the UK have maintained a dignified silence over the whole affair.  THE FUTURE BUCPOWER.COM will be back in normal daily-update mode next week with two new writers joining the fold to add their own views on the 2018 Buccaneer season.  Steve Lemak has generously offered to continue with logo designs for the site and the popular history video features will return as well.   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are why we all get together to talk, communicate and commiserate about their fortunes and I have been incredibly fortunate to have met some wonderful people over the past 36 years since I first became aware of the sport and the team.  It is thanks to that friendship that I can continue doing something I have obviously loved and thereby ignore some very self-centered individuals in the process. Paul Stewart, London, England    August 2018  .