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Around the Pirate Ship
Nov 2013Which is the first position you would upgrade in the off-season?
Nov 2013Who is your favourite player on the current Buccaneers and why?
Nov 2013Do you think Greg Schiano has done enough yet to save his job at the end of this season?
Nov 2013Do you believe Mike Glennon should be the Bucs' QB in 2014?
In 2008, BUCPOWER was asked to contribute a feature article on each opponent for the gameday magazine, Buccaneer Review
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1988 game with the New England Patriots - winning the toss and kicking the ball away?
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1995 game with the Jacksonville Jaguars - they're going for two?
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1987 game with the Atlanta Falcons - what a debut!
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1985 game with the Green Bay Packers - the legendary Snow Bowl
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1995 game with the Carolina Panthers - the first meeting of the two teams
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1976 game with the Seattle Seahawks - the expansion bowl game
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1979 game with the Minnesota Vikings - all those missed kicks
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 2002 game with the New Orleans Saints - the start of the Super Bowl season
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1981 game with the San Diego Chargers - a thriller for a division title
Buccaneer Review 2008A feature on the 1996 game with the Oakland Raiders - when it began to turn around
Interviews with former Buccaneer players, coaches and officials
2013Tony DavisAn interview with one of the most popular Bucs from the first Tampa Bay playoff team, Tony Davis
2012Neil ReynoldsAn interview with the leading British authority on the NFL and current Sky Sports presenter
2011Jeff CarlsonAn interview with former Buccaneer quarterback and current Tampa sports presenter Jeff Carlson
2011Gary SheltonAn interview with the long-time columnist of The Tampa Bay Times
2011Keith McCantsAn interview with one of the biggest draft busts in franchise history
2011Greg OlsonAn interview with former Buccaneer offensive co-ordinator Greg Olson
2010Woody PaigeAn interview with the star of ESPN's Around the Horn show, legendary reporter Woody Paige
2010Shelton QuarlesAn interview with the starting middle linebacker of the Super Bowl team
2010TJ RivesAn interview with the Tampa sports presenting legend and current Buccaneer sideline reporter
2010Gary HuffAn interview with the quarterback in the Bucs' first-ever victory over New Orleans in 1977
2010Jerry BellAn interview with former Buccaneer tight end Jerry Bell who played from 1982 to 1986
2009Barry SmithAn interview with another of the expansion Buccaneers and popular Florida State former 1st round pick
2007Dave ReavisAn interview with one of the expansion Buccaneers and mainstay of the offensive line for nearly a decade
Special Feature articles written over the years and worth keeping in this section of the site
1989Jerry AndersonThe story of the former Buccaneer who gave his life trying to save two drowning children
2004Ricky BellA look back at the legacy left by the former No.1 overall pick who died at such an early age
2005Ricky BellTriumph of the Heart - the made for TV special film about the life of Ricky Bell
2005Joe DiacoA feature on the long-time doctor of the Buccaneers and some great stories from those years
2004Tom FordMemories from a former Tampa Tribune reporter on covering the Bucs in the 1980s
2007Isaac HaginsOne of the expansion Bucs who scored on a 102-yard kick return the first time he touched the ball
2011Ira KaufmanAn excellent piece written for the Tampa Tribune on health issues suffered by former Buccaneers
2003The LA BucsA feature on the 1926 Los Angeles Buccaneers who played just one season in the NFL
2006Larry LawrenceThe former expansion Buc who had a heart transplant in Texas in 2003
2006Rick StroudMemories of the old woodshed as One Buc Place closed for good
2006Martin FennellyAnd a more satirical look at the original headquarters of the Buccaneers
2011Donald PennGetting to know the Bucs' left tackle during his visit to London in 2011
2009Joey JohnstonMemories of the Buccaneers' pre-season games over the years
2004Booker ReeseOne of the biggest draft busts in franchise history now a resident in the state peniteniary
2004The Snow BowlThe legendary game in Green Bay in 1985 played in a total blizzard
2005The 1982 strikeLooking back at the strike-shortened 1982 season and what it menat to those involved
2006The first TD passWhich naturally for the expansion Bucs did not come from a quarterback at all
2005Dave WarnkeThe worst kicker in franchise history and his one appalling appearance in the 1983 season finale
2003The XFLSeveral former Buccaneers played in the one-year joke that was the XFL
2011Extra PointMemories of the satirical British gridiron magazine that flourished in the 1990s
There have been several magazine features over the years - we have the magazine features here
2003Memories of the early days of the Tampa Bay franchise
2003The Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions - The Sporting News
2003The Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions - Sports Illustrated
1976Expansion Bucs - John McKay's job to build an NFL franchise
1979Unbeaten, untied and unbelievable
1987Is Vinny Testaverde the new saviour of the Buccaneers?