The day the Bucs UK kicked the UK Patriots' arse
Will any of the people involved ever forget this day? It was more a publicity event to garner attention to football in the UK ahead of the actual game next day. It turned into a memorable event for everyone in the Bucs UK who was there.

The Bucs UK Playing Roster
1 Paul
7 Ian
10 Stephen
10 Josh
24 Harry
34 Erik
40 Mike
40 Steve
40 Tim
40 Shelton
40 Graeme
40 Gary
47 John
51 George Cambridge55 David Cambridge55 Alex
56 Denis Crawford69 Gary
80 Marc
82 Andrew
82 Folley Ogundele87 Wayne
89 Callum Papworth99 Tim
For the record, the Bucs UK won the first game 14-0 and the second one 26-6. By the latter game though, the majority of the players had retired to the pub but the Bucs UK still had enough to easily handle a UK Patriots team that grew more bitter and childish as the day wore on.

Alastair Kirkwood and the NFL UK donated medals and the Bucs UK became the winners of the "Alan Newcombe Memorial Trophy" for their success, a prize that was awarded to Ian Papworth at the tailgate event at Wembley in recognition of the work he did organising the event.

Time to introduce some of the players involved for the Bucs UK

David "The Slow Train" Cambridge
Rookie playing out of Vauxhall College of Building, having been on the inactive rota for the last 25 years. Offensive third down specialist used for decoy runs and illegal blocking to create running lanes. Recorded one takeaway (a nice fairy cake with a white butter cream top with a stars and stripes flag).

George "Forrest" Cambridge
1st round draft from Kings Langley School having failed to make it into the college system as he has not yet done his O-Levels. However already on the "Dad give me some money" scholarship system. Played both offense and defense. Had a 40-yard reception from Alex Howells for a TD in the first half.

Harry "The Fridge Freezer, with ice box and juice dispenser" Cambridge
Rookie playing out of Nash Mills Junior School, played every snap on offense at centre. Voted MVP as the sad Pats were turned over by a 10 year old! Last seen entering the Bucs cheerleaders hotel holding his MVP trophy. Oh yes and his best mate is Mike Alstott.

Wayne Hough
5-10 and 192 who played both ways as a sure handed left back (in the changing rooms) and (very) weak side linebacker. If Clayton et al can call themselves receivers, then he call himself sure handed.

Although being open in the end zone on several occasions, no passes went his way (so at least he can't say he dropped any). Also doubled as a rather fetching cheerleader to keep the crowd in the game (or was that the girl standing next to him)

Denis Crawford
Two-way player -- fullback and very weak outside linebacker. Lead-blocker on a Mike Alstott touchdown in pre-game warm-ups, totally devastating an imaginary saftey on the way to six. No offensive stats but a shut-out clinching interception on a pass tipped by two other players before landing in his arms. Felt he should win the Wayne Haddix Award for most misleading interception in team history. Not bad for a pick-up from Youngstown by way of Uxbridge!

Steve Garget
Having carried a knee injury for the week leading up to the game, was declared questionable and it was a game time decision that he would play a limited role. Went in on two defensive downs late in the game. Played cornerback but knowing his strengths the Pats through to the other side of the pitch so left the game with no stats.

Gary Botteley
Got in the game for one play, wide right, didn't touch the ball and then retired to the pub. And at 53, claimed to be the third oldest Buccaneer behind Steve Garget and Lee Roy Selmon.

Alex Howells
Played left corner on the defense (four tackles, two passes broken up and a pick) and played WR and QB on O throwing for two touchdowns and a two-point conversion and was also offensive coordinator.

Graeme Reid
Took the John Lynch position and played safety for the bulk of the day. Wanted to be recorded for three tackles, two assists, three passes broken up and a sore head after falling over backwards and landing on his napper whilst knocking down a pass. Also named as an offensive assistant as he led the cheers during offensive plays and got very offensive towards the referees due to their continual pandering to the part time ref on the Patriots sideline.

Paul Stewart
Shirt by the NFL, hair by Clairol. Played QB and RB and got in for one play on defense when he wasn't mugging it up for the camera. Called the legendary play from Jon Gruden's playbook - "Green left slot 36 X motion Y drag Z post 244 flingo bingo drooper snork buccaneer 59 turner delta third string dayton 444 hut hut" (Draw play to you and me) Completed the best flare pass since Life on Mars to Mike Alstott. Handed off to the A-Train up the gut. Ran one play on an end-around, the best sweep seen in London since Dick van Dyke.

Ian Papworth
Played a key role as either a centre or in the FB role, Did have a great 20 yard reception but that was called back for some penalty or other, probably because we used a play that the Patriots had not seen in the illegal recording they made. Also had two key knock downs of potential Patriots' TDs.

Callum Papworth
Played quarterback in both games and threw three touchdowns using his experience as QB of the Bedfordshire Blue Raiders youth football team.

Folley Ogundele
Former IBMer recruited for the day from his regular WR position with the London Olympians. Had touchdown receptions in both games.

Andrew Brown
Former Glasgow Lions running back and IBM work colleague who played both offense and defense in the first game.

Erik Story
Former running back in high school and attended Kansas University. Now with IBM and delivered the biggest hit of the day when he blew up the Patriots' mascot when he tried to invade the field.

Memorable comments
David Cambridge - "Put a fresh nappy on, stop whining, grow up and get on with the game for which he was warned by one of the Patriots as he was "a four-year veteran" (of what I don't know) and could eject him from the game"

The Cambridge Family are to the Bucs UK what the Ruud Family is to Nebraska.

Mike Alstott when asked if he could run the ball for the Bucs UK - "Heck I want to catch it, they never used me enough as a receiver when I played".

Pat the Patriot when the Bucs UK ran a mass offensive play intended to flatten him - "Oh **** ****"

John Smith, former Patriots kicker during their fake fieldgoal play - "I was open. Why is it they always throw to the tight end on fakes? The kicker is always open"