Feedback comments
Brian Ford, Vice President of Business Administration, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Good afternoon from Tampa! Thank you for your note, but more importantly, thank you for your ongoing support of our organization. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you and the rest of the club. I must say, the Flag Football game was the highlight of the trip for me! I have enjoyed sharing the story with others.

Bob Hansen, WFLA Channel 8
I had a great time this past weekend as well. Please pass on my regards to everyone for all your help

Jeff Ryan, Broadcast Operations Manager, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Hi Paul, I want you know that you really are being hard on yourself on the radio broadcast. I thought it went well. Itís live radio and it was fun .. I received some comments that it added to the flavor of being in London. Now that Josh Freeman has been named the starter you may have brought us some luck! All the Best.

Gary Shelton, The St.Petersburg Times
Thanks again, man. You're a good guy, even if you have an addiction problem to a certain football team. I loved trading stories with you. Frankly, I loved being in England, and my kids are already all over me to make sure I take them there as soon as possible. Let me know if there is anything you need.

Roy Cummings. The Tampa Tribune
The thanks goes to you guys or being such real hosts and subjects. Your story is just great, especially with so many fans ready to jump off the wagon here. Shows how much they take it for granted. I have to tell you that after summing up the trip, the absolute highlight for me was seeing the look on your face Saturday morning when Lee Roy Selmon, Mike Alstott and Shelton Quarles showed up for the touch game. That was special. Iíve been telling everyone about it.

David Whitley,
Thanks for your help the other day. It was good to see you, if not at the actual game, at Richmond Park. If only the UK fan club could have loaned the US team some points. Maybe you should apply to replace Raheem, starting with next week's game against Green Bay. Yours in Creamsickle.

Karl Baumann, Producer, Sky Sports
You promised me Doug Williams! But having Alstott and Selmon around meant we got some great interviews so thanks for that

Adam Ryan, Producer, NFL Films
Weíre probably looking at a mid to late November air date. Please thank everyone for me, we got some great stuff. Iíll keep you posted on the specifics of when and where itís airing, and thanks again for all your cooperation. Enjoy your trip to Tampa.

Ross Biddiscombe
I didn't see you at Wembley last week, but I heard all about what you were doing and also saw your appearance on the Bucs' video of their London trip - all very impressive. I caught up with a few old friends in the press box and met Carter Gaddis from CBS Sports who told me about all the mistakes in his story!