Personal memories - Tony Stern
Although it was a shame that the Bucs did not manage to win on the day, it was a really, really enjoyable day. I think that was probably one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced at a sporting event. At least we scored & managed to intercept Brady a couple of times. As most people have said the Tailgate was also a great improvement on last years (& I managed to get a signed Bucs Cheerleader photo).

Personal memories - John Gill
I'd just like to say thank-you so much from both myself and my fiance for helping us have the chance to see the Bucs live in the flesh last Sunday and also for all the time and effort you having no doubt sweated blood over with updates leading up to the game.

My Dad took me to the Old Sombrero back in 1989 for a game v the Lions whilst on a family holiday. Since then I have never had the chance to see the team again so getting tickets for last weekend's game was a dream come true. I can honestly say that the game, even in defeat gave us both a high that we are still to come down from.

The Buccaneers organisation did a fantastic job of making Wembley Ray-Jay mark II and I would like to pass my thanks on to all concerned within the organisation for giving us an opportunity that comes just once in a lifetime!

I do hope to travel to Ray Jay in a few years time (once i've got the 's), but until then I can live with the memory of an amazing day that will never be forgotten. Yet again thanks very much to you Paul and also to the other members who put so much of their free time into making an enjoyable place to visit!

Personal memories - David and Janet Moldauer
We both had a great time as I am sure you did! Many thanks to Wayne Hough for his superb job of organising the Saturday meal. The venue was perfect, the company was terrific and the food and drink were right on the money.

We could tell how much you were getting out of the whole thing and are delighted to have been associated with the Bucs UK for nearly 20 years now. Congratulations on everything that was enjoyed by everyone over the weekend!

I only took a few pictures over the weekend so cannot contribute to the excellent pics already available on the web site. I have been looking at my old pictures from our first visit to the old Tampa Stadium in October 1988 with our two young daughters!

Personal memories - Andy Swain
A fantastic day apart from the result. Meeting up with friends that I have made through following the American Football. We sat in great seats around the 20yd line when Serge Betson and a couple of other france rugby players sat down in front. It was strange watching someone who has played in front of large crowds acting like everyone else taking pictures etc. Noticed how small in real life he was especially compared to alot of the Bucs team on the sideline.

After about 20 mins of the game seeing the Bucs and Pats defense miss tackle upon tackle , sat there wondering what he thought - The Bucs seem to tackle with the intention to make the maximum impact rather than thinking of bringing the player down - we could have done with him coaching the finer art of tackling.

It was quite amusing how all the around us people were thinking Bucs need to get off to a good start then the interception and then after scoring to be 21-7 down everyone was saying if they start well after halftime and score first - we kick off and Brady marches back down the field. We had fleeting moments of hope but it didn't ruin a great day. The only thought I had on the train journey home was you should resurrect the old publication - There's always next year . It felt slightly like deja vu.

Personal memories - Ian Papworth
I must say I will remember Saturday morning far more than the game on Sunday, I have been to Bucs games before and been to Wembley before so neither holds much mystery, however, when I was in the car park at Richmond Park and Lee Roy Selmon arrived I was speechless and then I thought how could anything top that when out of the car comes Mike Alstott and then Shelton Quarles arriving as well sent me into orbit.

Having my picture taken with the three of them and four of the lovely Bucs cheerleaders was something I shall always remember, however, the best moment for me was watching my 17 year old son playing pass and catch with Mike Alstott and my wife has that on video.

I thought that Mike, Lee Roy, Shelton, Captain Fear and the Buccaneers Cheerleaders were fantastic and so accommodating they signed and posed as much as all of us wanted. I would like to offer my thanks to all the Buccaneers organisation for all the support and interest in particular Mike Alstott, Lee Roy Selmon, Shelton Quarles, The Buccaneers Cheerleaders and Captain Fear.

I was only to pleased to help set up the event and now have a greater understanding of just how much work you must put into running the club for us, thanks.

Personal memories - Alastair Blackwood
As you know we only came down on Sunday so missed out on all the other great activities over the weekend but it was still more than worthwhile. I don't think the result was a surprise but the whole atmosphere was fantastic made all the better by the superb seats. I know you have asked for contributions of photos etc but to be honest my camera is not that good, I'm not really a photographer and there are so many fabulous pictures already there is no point in me sending my awful efforts unless you want shots out of focus or the backs of guys heads! I hope you understand.

Personal memories - Richard Britton
The day was brilliant, and it was fantastic to see the Bucs in England, the effort Paul put in was just tremendous and you deserve all our thanks. My son Paul and daughter Becky also would like to give their thanks. It was extra special to sit with the fans of the club, and the view from where we sat was amazing. It was great to meet, and put faces to some of the names that are on the message board. Even though we lost, the atmosphere by the Bucs fans was never down, and we got to see the future of the franchise, Josh Freeman first. Becky & I also had quite a few people, American & British asking where they could get the commemorative T-shirt from, I just directed them to the website.