Personal memories - John Davies
I think the one thing that will stand out from the weekend for me was the joy on everyone’s faces on the Saturday morning. As an old cynic these days, it takes a lot to impress me anymore, but that did – I think even Paul was taken by surprise! An unforgettable couple of hours, made possible by the Buccaneers, who didn’t have to do any of that for our benefit. We’ll all be eternally grateful.

Other bits from the weekend:

Chatting to Mike Alstott. I’ll say that again, chatting to Mike Alstott!! I did get a worried look from him when I mentioned that one of my favourite memories of him was after he fumbled three times in a victory against Kansas City – cue quizzical look from the great man.

I explained how impressed I was that while many of his team-mates strolled straight from the lockers to the Hummers, he stayed and signed every single request from every single fan who asked – at least ten minutes - even though personally he’d not had his greatest game. I said that it was moments like that which meant as much to ordinary fans as the 100 yard games and TDs. True class from a Bucs’ legend.

Telling Lee Roy Selmon……. Lee Roy Selmon (!!)…… that I flew over to Tampa for the weekend to watch the SuperBowl in his restaurant, that I loved his Barbeque Pulled Pork as we don’t really get it served in England and that my wife loves his Peach Cobbler.

Thinking, “oh no” when a Police Range Rover drove over the grass towards the Touch Football game; were the Police checking we had a licence to play, or were they were enforcing a feudal byelaw prohibiting such merriment unless everyone sacrificed their first born? Thankfully no - the officers emerged, just grinned, and asked if they could have their pictures taken with the cheerleaders.

Catching up with people on both days that I hadn’t seen for a while and others who post on the forum I had never previously spoken to, swapping stories and generally chewing the cud. Even spoke to Phil Jones’ thinner and better looking brother, who looks uncannily similar to him…….

At the point when the anthems were being sung, I hadn’t yet noticed Paul on the sideline. After the magnificent Miss Jenkins had finished her “turn”, she walked away from the podium to be approached and hugged by some bloke in a Bucs shirt with a Number 1 on it.

Knowing Paul has a “Bucs 1”, I was thinking, “oh no, what is he doing, what the hell is he thinking?”, until I realised that it was actually Joe Calzaghe greeting his Welsh compatriot. I then spotted Paul stalking the sideline in his golf trousers, and all was well. (Ed - so just to confirm, you confused me with a World boxing champion ... )

We lost the game, but it didn’t matter. The memories from the weekend, particularly the Saturday morning, as they say on the TV advert, were priceless. Thank you Bucs