Andrew Roberts
Couldn't make the touch football game or the meal for which i'm totally gutted as I really wanted to attend and it would have been the icing on the cake to meet everyone but i have to work six days a week every week to be able to afford things like Sunday, As i'm the only American football fan at work nobody would swap with me but I guess when Man U fans, Liverpool fans etc need a favour i know what my answer will be.

Saturday started well we left Nuneaton at 8.45 and had a good trip meeting loads of fans in the service stations, We arrived at Wembley at 10.45 and queued to get into the tailgate party, It was a long queue but it went down very quickly,

We were impressed with the tailgate party loads of Coors, the bands were good and the team displays very impressive. It was great to then meet you, Phil and all the members of the Bucs UK just didn't get enough time to get to know everyone.

Then on to Wembley which was a lot better than i thought it would be loads of leg room and a great view, The entertainment was very good and we loved the flags. We all knew the game would be a hard one to win so after that intercepted TD, it was almost over but i found myself like a kid in a candy shop and most of the game went over my head didn't know wear to look what to look at totally forgot about i formations etc just kept thinking that's Ronde Barber that's Barrett Ruud etc couldn't believe the effect it had on me as i'm a down to earth 47 year old normally.

The result wasn't what i dreamed of but every other dream i had came true, I never thought i would get the chance to see my Buccaneers play and i can never thank you the Glazers, Buccaneers and the NFL enough for making my dreams come true.

Looking forward to reading your story, I have never seen anyone work so hard but your rewards must have been spectacular and you thoroughly deserved everything you got Paul.