Reviewing the draft
Even the non-appearance of the NFL draft on NASN this year did not spoil the interest in last Saturday's event. And before we go any further, thank you so much Sky Sports (not!) for keeping the rights to the event and then throwing them out in highlight form some 36 hours later when everyone knew what had happened.

Most of the people on the BUCPOWER forum realised that you could still watch the draft live through NFL Network over the net, so even allowing for some time delay, UK Buc fans were able to live the draft like other sports fans around the world.

The Buc selections
All I was concerned about was that Jon Gruden did not fall into Ray Perkins' ploy in 1990 of drafting solely for the now, knowing that he was going to lose his job if he didn't win (the Bucs didn't and he did). Mortgaging the future by giving Detroit our two second-round picks to trade up and grab Calvin Johnson - thankfully it didn't happen.

I have no problem with taking Gaines Adams at No.4. Minnesota realised they were going to get Adrian Peterson at No.7 and the Dolphins realised they could have got Brady Quinn but decided to pass on him after all at No.9. So there was no-one to trade down with and hence the Bucs stuck with what they had on the first day and did pretty well in the process.

Trades 149 and 150
We did pick up one extra selection from the Vikings for moving down four spots in the 4th round that became the 149th trade in franchise history, with the next coming the day after when Kansas City received a 2008 7th round pick for former first-rounder Ryan Sims. 7th rounders are highly unlikely to make a roster anyway, so this is a gamble worth taking for someone who definitely had the potential to be a top player in the NFL.

Keyshawn out of a job
Chris Sterbenz gave the former No.19 a lot of credit for his ESPN gig last weekend at the draft but the irony was Johnson's interview with Carolina WR draft pick Dwayne Jarrett. For within 48 hours, Keyshawn was released by the Panthers. Forget him ever being allowed near One Buc again - I'm just waiting to see him with the Giants, the New York media and Tom Coughlin.

Here's the story of a guy called Brady
After Brady Quinn being left to stew in the Green Room for around four hours Sunday in the same way as Aaron Rodgers in 2005, anyone think a potential top quarterback pick will want to go to New York for the draft again?

And in summary
And before everyone makes their comment on which Buc pick was going to be a steal or a bust, remember Ian Beckles' comment about fans seeing his brief highlight reel and immediately annointing him a first round selection on that basis. Any player looks good when judged selectively. Everyone of these draft picks and even free agent signings have been viewed for every play this past season.

Paul Stewart, May 2007