Moving on up (or perhaps down)
Casting aside the M People hit from 1993 for one minute, the main talk on the draft football boards in recent weeks has been the Buccaneers moving on up to the No.2 spot to ensure they are able to select WR Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech. To put it bluntly, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

No matter how good Johnson is, the cost of this trade would be our two second-round picks (35 and 64 overall). The Bucs have so many needs especially on defense, that can you honestly give up three top picks to draft an offensive weapon?

So let us look at the first few picks of the draft from a logical standpoint (OK, assuming Matt Millen actually works that way), and view the prospective deals up and down that could happen in the early part of the 2007 draft.

Thanks to losing the coin toss, the Bucs pick fourth behind the Cleveland Browns. They need both a quarterback and a running back, so will have at least one of JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn or Adrian Peterson when it comes their turn to pick. You just can see no reason why they would take Calvin Johnson with these needs.

If a team is going to trade down, then they necessarily have to find a team willing to trade up. Simply commentating "we can trade down for more picks" is illogical. What the Buccaneers do have though is a pair of teams, Minnesota and Miami, who would be prepared to move up into one of the top spots to take Brady Quinn.

So if the first three picks are Russell, Johnson and Peterson which could realistically happen, the Bucs will have the chance to move down to either 7 or 9 to allow one of those teams to take the former Notre Dame passer (please don't even consider us drafting Quinn). Moving down to 7 would net us Minnesota's 2nd round pick, down to 9 would net us Miami's 2nd and 3rd (and they already have an extra 2nd after the Wes Welker trade with New England).

Who could thereotically move above the Bucs to take Calvin Johnson? Arizona pick at No.5 but already have two great receivers (Fitzgerald and Boldin) on the roster. They would jump at the chance to take Joe Thomas and swopping picks would give the Bucs a third-rounder.

Washington pick at 6 and are owned and controlled by the midget with the budget, Dan Snyder. You just never know what he will do (apart from allow his front office to build a decent team) but the word is out that he is after Lance Briggs of the Bears and would trade the pick for his rights.

Minnesota at 7 and Miami at 9 we have covered, so that realistically only leaves Atlanta (8) and Houston (10). Anyone else would have to pay too much to move up that high. The Falcons, sorry Rich McKay, have never acquired a decent receiver (Harper, Anthony, Green, Emanuel, White, Lelie etc) but Calvin Johnson is a Georgia boy so you could see it possibly happening. The Texans would only trade up to take one of the QBs or the RB they should have drafted last year.

So to put it in summary, the Bucs should in no way trade up to No.2, and if Calvin Johnson does go before they pick at No.4, then they can move down to No.7 or No.9 with a willing partner, and acquire at least another 2nd round pick. That would net them the likes of Gaines Adams or Alan Branch for the defensive line, and then three 2nd round picks (two of which would be early ones).

Makes sense?