Wind-up merchants and other idiots
I have to be careful when I start on a particular subject as John Davies is quick to wind me up after an editorial rant, but this topic is one I have touched on before and deserves to be revisited.

Last week, the Pewter Power message board and the St.Pete Times Forum board were arguing with each other over which board was better. Both were claiming that their forums had a better class of poster and that they were the real fans whilst the other obviously didn't know what they were talking about.

This was a new one on me - instead of individual posters criticising each other, this was a whole series of threads about the other. Unreal - to quote an oft-used phrase but a fitting one all the same - GET A LIFE!

Then you have the Bucs' own board which really does have some of the biggest trolls since the Lord of the Rings trilogy ended. You actually have fans of other teams registering there, just to post comments to annoy Bucs' fans. Like why? Imagine logging on to the Jets' board for example and begin laying into Chad Pennington - what's the point?

These are the sort of people who live in their bedrooms on their computers. No girlfriends, no friends at all to be honest, and their sad little lives revolve around trying to wind other people up. Wind-up merchants is a phrase that was coined a few years ago although that is probably too polite for them. I guess this is one side-effect of the internet revolution that has brought us so much good, but they are still annoying all the same.

Brett Favre update
No sooner do I make fun of his deliberations over whether or not to play in 2006, than the future Hall of Famer finally lets the Packers know of his intentions to play a 15th season in Green Bay. No part of the three month wait could have been any good for the Green Bay front office to decide over the rebuilding of their franchise. Do they stick with the increasingly-erratic Favre, or go the whole rebuilding hog now and throw in first round pick Aaron Rodgers?

Most Packer fans are getting sick of Favre's annual "Should I stay or should I go?" deliberations. They just want him to make up his mind one way or the other and get on with it. And an increasing number of them are not to fussed if he comes back at all based on his 2005 performance and his run-in with Javon Walker during the season.

But credit to the reporter who dared to ask Favre at his comeback announcement press conference, if 2006 was going to be his last season. "I haven't decided yet" came the reply from No.4 meaning we will have another year of this to come yet after this season is completed. What a diva.

Other issues
Great column from Lee Bromfield again this week - his rationing of articles during the off-season does make you wish for September to roll around quicker and his weekly ramblings. Loved the comment this week about the scheduling trolls too.

Nice to see Trent Dilfer on NFL Network last week. Apart from this being further proof of veteran players appearing on the channel, Trent really did come across as an excellent analyst and looks to have a real future in this field. Phil Jones and I did note that he was on the show with Terrell Davis and that we'd met both of them.

Apparently Bucs' QB Jared Allen is now playing well for the Amstedam Admirals. Like it's honestly going to mean anything with Chris Simms, Luke McCown, Tim Rattay, Bruce Gradkowski and Jon Gruden's eight year-old son Deuce ahead of him on the depth chart.

You've been great - enjoy the Clash.

Paul Stewart, May 2006.