One million hits
Just over four years ago, I bought a beginner's guide to building a website in HTML and started a chapter a day. On January 5, 2002, BUCPOWER.COM was launched. I think you could say it has been pretty successful so far.

My goal was to produce the most detailed historical Buccaneer site on the internet. Every game, every player, every stat and a whole lot more. I think this is one goal that has been achieved.

But naturally I have not finished yet. The list of ideas and improvements for the site for 2006 and beyond, is a long one. Projects on the 1976 expansion team, more features and better graphics are just a taster of what I have in mind for the New Year. And most importantly of all, the site will remain totally free to access and without any kind of paid advertising (and boy does this annoy a certain Buc-related publication on the other side of the Atlantic!)

I could not have achieved the million hits without a lot of support and advice over the past four years. And so in no particular order, a roll call of people I really need to thank for hitting this incredible total.

Phil Jones, John Davies, Lee Bromfield, Bob Ferrier and everyone else from the Bucs UK who has contributed to the site in some way.

Dave Johnston, Jake Jahimiak, Scott Kramer and Dennis Campbell from across the Atlantic. One day guys, it will be my honour to buy you a beer.

Joey Johnston, Roy Cummings, Katherine Smith and Nick Pugliese of the Tampa Tribune. Not just great writers, but people I feel lucky to call friends.

Scott Smith, Jeff Kamis and all the team connected with the Bucs' website and PR productions - I could not have done it without you. Thank you.

The Glazer family- you gave us a franchise to be proud of and the support you have given the Bucs UK is truly magnificent and most appreciated.

And most of all, to everyone who has visited BUCPOWER.COM and realised what has been put together here. I thank you.

Paul Stewart, 22 December 2005