Pardon the Interruption
Time for another editorial rant boys and girls. You know, the more I watch the real PTI, the more I respect Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. The latter is an excellent columnist whose pieces I have really enjoyed over the years, and Uncle Tony K comes across as a talk radio host who I could like as much as Ron & Ian on The Sports Animal. PTI is a realy good show and kudos to NASN for introducing the British public to its wares.

It's Thanksgiving today so the season's greetings to all our American cousins and especially the hundreds who visit this site on a regular basis. As Ian Beckles so eloquently put it on his show yesterday, Thanksgiving means family, turkey, watching football, drinking beer and excessive flatulance. But it also totally buggers up fantasy leagues as the two Thursday games mean earlier deadlines for roster moves and line-ups. Damn inconvenient if you ask me.

Time for some love for our offensive line. They have been magnificent the last two weeks. Chris Simms has had time to pass and the results speak for themselves. In Atlanta, Cadillac Williams finally had room to run and the results again speak for themselves. How exciting was that first 30-yard run that No.24 ripped off on the opening play of the game? Keep it going guys and we haven't forgotten just how inexperienced you all really are.

The Bucs UK Message Board saw a spate of great winding-up yesterday when Phil Jones remembered how to turn on his computer and log on to the board. Phil and computers are a bit like Kenyatta Walker and decent blocking. When it does happen, you're so amazed that you don't honestly know what to think but it does make you look when it does. Take a look yourselves under the thread entitled "Bucs UK mullets".

I have long thought Michael Irvin to have been one of the biggest twats ever allowed near a television set but even he did make me laugh last Sunday during NFL Countdown. Randy Moss was off on one of his "I know it all and my coach is dumb" rants. Irvin simply replied that "Moss needs to learn how to run decent routes. Until then, he's just Alvin Harper." Brilliant. Anyone know were our great free agent signing of 1995 is now?

Everyone is expecting the Bear game this Sunday to be a real defensive slugfest. Same as the Washington game then where the over/under was 33 and both teams passed that on their own. But remember back to the Tony Dungy and Trent Dilfer days - we once beat Chicago 6-3 in a game although Denys Baez did come out of the Devil Ray bullpen to earn the save.

Fantasy League update - kudos to Lee for giving Jonesy a dose of the Clap last week whilst the Borg were kicking the wheels of Gary Botteley's truck. A two-game winning streak for my boys have them back tied for the division lead and the chance to dump the Pirates out of playoff contention completely next weekend. But after injuries to Cedric Benson and Kevan Barlow, I'm just wondering which of my remaining backs, Messrs Anderson, Barber and Dunn, will go off the field on a cart next.

24 November 2005