Pardon the Interruption
A blatant rip of the title I know and not for a minute would I profess to be in the class of Tony Kornheister or Michael Wilbon - I can't shout anywhere near as much as they can for starters. But the format of a couple of lines on a bunch of subjects is one I wanted to try out.

Praise the line
One of the good aspects of Pontel DVDs, is actually being able to watch each down of each game. And hence you see the plays behind the stories. And give credit to the line in Week 1 in Minnesota, they reallly were giving Carnell Williams holes to run through. Yes they made rookie mistakes, but that line performance was a ton better than anything I saw in 2004.

Changing guard
Have you compared our receiving corps from 12 months ago? In 2004, it was Tim Brown, Bill Schroeder, Charles Lee and some guy called McCardell causing trouble by not being there. Throw in Brad's naff arm and you can see why no-one was scared of Air Tampa in September last season.

Not America's team
I was watching the 1997 playoff win over the Lions the other day and could not but notice all the "faces" we had on the team, the personalities that made the 1997 Bucs so popular with American fans. John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Hardy Nickerson, Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott, even Trent Dilfer. Just the A-Train is left now and he's on one last trip to the sidings. Hence why with no real "faces" on the team, the Bucs were not considered for Monday Night Football this season.

Fantasy Football
Do you know how much I love it? Winding up one of the other 11 owners in the Bucs UK league is just priceless and I'm glad to say I'm not alone in the hobby. There are some serious wind-up merchants at work here and no-one is immune. Does help of course that I'm 2-0 and with the highest points score in the league too so I can afford to be top of the bragging league.

Watching Sky
Err, I don't. I listen to the Bucs' games from around 5.15pm until 9.30pm at which point I've done the early fantasy scores and then return to remembering who my family are. Hence I watch only brief moments of Nick and Kev in the studio that I've spent a good few hours. Unless it's the Bucs, I find it hard to get excited about watching other games.

Kudos time
Check out the new links page on this site and you will see us tying up with the websites of both Carnell Williams and Alex Smith. I hope these arrangements will be fruitful for both sites. And also check out the Buccaneers' own site and the link there entitled "Fan section". Scott Smith has managed to get away with not just featuring BUCPOWER.COM but linking to the site too.

Season highlight films
Jake Jahimiak is a good friend of this site (and one day I'll meet up with him and buy him a bunch of beers at Selmon's) and has copied several season highlight films for me. It's funny watching some of the 1990s ones, entitled "Blue Skies ahead" or "On the verge of greatness". Like hell we were. Some of the crap that is spouted in those films makes you wonder if Alistair Campbell wrote it. There's spin doctoring and then there's talking bollocks.

Talking of which
Which brings me to the end of this little soapbox stanza. Lee Bromfield and I had intended to escalate our "Five Things I think" columns into a case of one-upmanship that would have continued until "424 Things I think" would have corrupted the BUCPOWER file storage so I'll let him win that. Because he sure as hell didn't win our fantasy battle in Week 2! How many points did Peyton Manning score again Lee?

September 2005