Resigned to losing for the rest of the season
So it seems as though Greg Schiano will be coaching the Buccaneers for the rest of the year. The phrase "Dead man walking" does not even begin to do the situation justice and I still cannot fathom why we are in this predicament.

The atmosphere in what remained of the crowd at the Carolina game was as ugly as it has ever been in Tampa and one can only imagine what the Monday Night game will be like in a fortnight's time against Miami. Everyone will be trying to make themselves a banner or an outfit to show the national TV audience just how bad things are with the Buccaneers right now.

But will this stop the likes of myself staying up all night to watch every play live? Of course not. This is the mantra of the die-hard fan, the one who goes to such extreme lengths to support their team irrespective of performance or result.

In the same vein however, this is why the same die-hard fan feels so bad about the current head coach remaining in place. It is simply sending a message to them all that the 2013 season is a complete right-off and you can expect nine more games on similar lines to the first seven. Except probably worse.

For all the talk about player pride and not quitting on a coach, Mike Mayock was quick to point out during last Thursday's telecast on how this happens with every NFL team in such a situation. Players have their own careers to think about and the film study, the training regime, the committment simply falls off when your team is 0-for-the-season.

There have been some calls to simply lose every game to ensure the first overall pick in the 2014 draft. That is the kind of stupid comment from the Playstation player who sees things not going perfectly and simply hits the new game button to start again. Sorry but life and reality are not like that.

No NFL team has ever deliberately set out to lose no matter what some conspiracy theorists and message board trolls might think. But there is a difference between wanting to lose and being in a position where you are going to lose.

The 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been an utter disaster. Pro Bowlers and talent all over the roster but an appalling coaching staff, PR disasters on a regular basis and a future franchise QB run out of town in incredible circumstances. Players are now going down injured, ex-players rip the coach in the media and there is a distinct lack of support for the regime from the field.

And we have nine more games of the same to look forward to. Road games in Seattle, New Orleans and San Francisco. A national TV appearance against the Dolphins. And the weekly checking of the results to see if the Bucs will beat the Jaguars in the race for No.32 in the NFL. It is terrible, it is horrible and it is plainly indiscipherable.

But we are loyal fans and hence we move on regardless which is almost as bad in a way. When do pitchers and catchers report?