Shooting yourself in the foot .... and then going back to get more ammunition
And then it was three in a row and eight of the last nine. There will be the usual soundbites about having missed opportunities, hurt by injuries etc, but right now this an 0-3 team and the scoreboard never lies. Good teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose and make excuses in doing so.

This was a game that perhaps the Bucs were not going to win anyway but at least they came out fighting and being aggressive. And for once it was the play-calling and the coaching instead of the secondary taking no prisoners across the middle.

A couple of early 4th down calls to satisfy the boo-birds who wanted such a call last Sunday against New Orleans. And naturally because they failed, those same aviarian message board posters will complain that Coach Schiano should not have gone for them this time. You have to love second-guessing.

Josh Freeman will still be sporting his target on his chest for another week and yet there were so many good passes that went uncaught from the arm of No.5. Tim Wright and Vincent Jackson both dropped apparent scores in the first half and once the injuries had taken their toll, Josh was even wondering if Michael Clayton could be retrieved from the Sky Sports studios in London to help his beleaguered corps.

V-Jax was out, Mike Williams was beaten up but at least Luke Stocker had his best game of the season and he was back home in Tampa injured. Outside of handing the ball off to Doug Martin on most plays, and it did not take the New England defense long to realise that, Freeman simply had no chance to make anything happen. But of course that will not prevent him taking even more stick from the usual sources over the next seven days.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The three horseman of the Italian apocalypse were riding roughshod over Greg Schiano and his team on the way out of New England. Once again, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were on target shooting themselves in the foot and they seem to have no lack of ammunition to use in future weeks either.