Thoughts on the loss to the Saints
Two weeks, two tough losses, two kicked cats The RSPCA will soon be calling at the homes of Buccaneer fans to complain about the physical damage being inflicted on felines around the world as Tampa Bay supporters take out their frustrations at these two opening losses. Just like 1991 with a tough road loss to the Jets to open up and then snatching defeat from the jaws of victory at home a week later with the Saints playing the role of the Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills from 22 years ago.

Just how many ways can this team shoot itself in the foot? A touchdown called back for Demar Dotson not being on the line of scrimmage, a strip sack and fumble recovery negated because of Adrian Clayborn probably hitting Drew Brees too hart, the usual rash of third down stops negated by personal foul penalties in the secondary. At least the Ahmad Black one was legitimate and was about as late as most of Graham Souness’ tackles for Liverpool in the 1980s.

Right now this looks like a team that has some tremendous playmakers but no real leadership at the two key positions, quarterback and head coach. This is not the Josh Freeman I got to know in 2011 at Pennyhill Park and something is very seriously wrong on and off the field with him right now. That could of course also be related to Greg Schiano and you could hear the true frustration in John Lynch’s voice on the commentary as he called yet another penalty or mistake that would never have happened under Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden.

Where the Bucs go from here is debatable and some of the posts on the Tampa message boards truly have to be seen to be believed this morning. Right now the only place they are heading is New England and the real probability of an 0-3 start to the 2013 season. You could really see this season going downhill as fast as Raheem’s final year did in 2011. Only strong leadership can turn this kind of runaway train around - the question is, do the Buccaneer have it right now?

Thoughts for the day
Is New Orleans’ defensive co-ordinator Rob Ryan applying for the lead role in the re-make of Bad Santa?
Just how well is Adrian Clayborn playing right now? He was here, there and everywhere on the field Sunday and Drew Brees is probably having nightmares about him.
Do the Bucs even have a tight end on the roster? Most of the second half, they were playing a three WR formation and running the ball from it. Luke Stocker is a waste of space.
And I could not sign off without mentioning who is leading the Bucs UK’s Fantasy League after the second week of the season ..... here comes a sixth title lads!