Thoughts from the pre-season game with the Titans
And perhaps the best decision all night was the one I made not to stay up until 3am to watch it live but instead to sit in the early morning London sunshine to enjoy every play via NFL Gamepass.

Well interesting use of the word "enjoy". That was pretty appalling to be honest. The scoreline is always more irrelevant in pre-season when you lose, but this one did not show much on offense, defense and special teams.

Roy Cummings has tried to take the Bucs' spin on things and look at the positives from the game. That list to me is even shorter than the list of teams Phil Jones will beat in the Fantasy League this season.

The Bucs got the ball to Vincent Jackson, LeGarrette Blount did not ger seriously hurt and Gerald McCoy spent his limited playing time in the opposition backfield again. And that's it from this jury.

Roy Miller is turning into the new Chris Hovan in terms of being a defensive lineman who can be handled one-on-one by an opposing cheerleader. And I thought lack of containment was a phrase the engine room used to say in Star Trek, not the performance of the cornerbacks on running plays.

Behind the guards, Davin and Carl, there is truly nothing. The reason all three Buc QBs wore Titan jerseys on the floor were the performances of the second and third string guards. The interior offensive line was truly appalling on both passing and running downs.

Michael Smith looks a nice kick return and change-of-pace back, the tight ends look a real weakness and Blount is still a one-trick pony with an inability to change lanes. Doug Martin showed on one short third down run that he can make the cutback and pick up the first down whereas Blount would just disappear up Davin Joseph's backside.

John Lynch once again proved how good a colour analyst he is and there is no-one better at diagnosing defensive breakdowns for the average viewer. Then again on that Buccaneer performance, he had enough practice.

And in addition to the usual face-spotting on the sideline, a nice shot of our old buddy Rick Odioso (on the right) in the commentary booth with Lynch and Chris Myers, doing his usual stats and player identification role that he does for Fox Sports during the regular season.

You've been great, enjoy Cher (walking down to Memphis).