Some of your additional preferences
I have a couple more editorials lined up based around your suggestions for the club and site and other stories about your following the Bucs. Anyone would think it was the off-season and I was struggling to think of things to write about.

These questions came about from the annual Bucs UK/BUCPOWER awards and questionnaires. Votes and comments came in from around the world although some of the questions related primarily for Bucs UK members.

How often do you visit BUCPOWER.COM? Over 85% of the people who replied said they come to the site every day. The rest were split between weekly updates and something in between.

How often do you post on the message board - interesting split here with around the same 30% mark doing this daily, weekly or just for Bucs UK competitions.

How do you watch the Bucs? Interesting variations here between the Bucs UK members with around a third using NFL Gamepass, a third using dodgy internet streams and the other third relying on Sky Sports coverage when the Bucs are on.

And Pro Football Weekly is pretty popular amongst the members too with over 65% saying that they read it cover to cover, and another 22% read it occasionally.

Ring of Honor recommendations
Derrick Brooks 46%
James Wilder 22%
Mike Alstott 13%

Multiple votes
Tony Dungy and Ronde Barber
Single votes
Warren Sapp, Tom McEwen, Ricky Bell, Paul Gruber, Jon Gruden, Jimmie Giles and Warrick Dunn.
Who should be next in the Buccaneers' Ring of Honor was an interesting question - outside of thankfully not being able to spell "Bucko", three names kept cropping up more than others with James Wilder and Mike Alstott trailing some way behind Derrick Brooks.

The actual induction usually coincides with many alumni returning to Tampa for the event so this would be down as much to the work of Jill Hobbs and her colleagues at One Buc Place as to the actual recipient. I would have to agree with Derrick going in next. Mike Alstott and Paul Gruber were honored in different ways on their retirement announcements on the field at games.

I still cannot work out the person who suggested Jimmie Giles being inducted next - didn't you notice who went in on December 4th 2011?

Favourite colours
Red-Pewter 65%
White-Pewter 16%
Red-White 16%
White-White 2%
The Bucs have four main colour schemes that they wear, combinations of red or white jerseys, and pewter or white pants. And the red/pewter combination is by far the most popular taking 65% of the votes cast by the fashion-conscious fans around the world.

And because I am detailed/sad enough to know these things, the Bucs have a 33-33 record wearing red and pewter in the regular season. They are 11-5 in red/white, 64-67 in white/pewter and 13-11 in all white. In the post-season, they are 4-1 in red/pewter and 1-5 in white/pewter.

You've been great, enjoy Halo James.