Previewing Super Bowl XLVI
Is it about time the NFL ditched the Roman numeral thing? I mean, in four years' time every spellchecker is going to love Super Bowl L. It was a nice idea at the outset but what have the Romans ever done for us?

If the Giants win, and everyone in the Bucs UK hope they do because of the Patriots' moronic UK fan club, will we get to see Tom Coughlin smiling? Then again, the coach on the other side of the field isn't exactly Mr. Happy either. I guess there will be less laughs than at the latest series of Mock the Week.

How long until we get a clip of Peyton Manning in a box pretending to look happy as his brother takes a 2-1 lead in Super Bowl victories. And at least Eli will be with the same team in September as he is now too.

If you are watching Sky's coverage, then Kevin Cadle will of course say "the score in our ballgame is". There is a reason behind this now that involves trying to get various university students totally hammered but I will leave Neil Reynolds to tell that story in an article we have planned for the off-season.

You have to feel sorry for Eli Manning's wife Abbey. She could get her tits out and do a lap round the huddle and will still be second best to Gisele Bundchen.

Best bet of the Super Bowl - who will have the better game day moustache, Wes Welker or Madonna.

The over/under on pundits predicting a close game is 99%. Even though over half the Super Bowls played have been won by more than 10 points, no pundit ever dares predict a scoreline like 30-10 in case it comes back to haunt them. So they sit on the fence so much that post Super Bowl Monday is spent pulling splinters out of their arses.

I can still remember Super Bowl XX with the Patriots and Bears when I was taking bets at Channel 4's party at the Video Cafe that Chicago were going to win by 25 plus. Even after New England scored an early fieldgoal, I will still backing the Monsters of the Midway. And if I hadn't been completely legless on the free Budweiser by the third quarter, I would have collected on them all too.

Best interview of the day is going to be when NFL UK's Alistair Kirkwood has to explain why the Wembley ticket launch had to be delayed because of St.Louis' threatened lawsuit to the Rams over not playing every game at the Trans World Dome. Alastair is a really nice guy but he's going to need to be even more slimy than Tony Blair to get out of this one.

And one great story from the week before the game in Indianapolis. Katherine Smith, formerly of The Tampa Tribune was doing the rounds on media day when she heard a voice yell out "Hey Redhead!" which made everyone turn round. It was Warren Sapp who hadn't seen her since his Tampa days and wanted to catch up on old times.

You've been great, enjoy Janet Jackson's nipple.