The unsung heroes
I got thinking the other day about some of the people who have made things happen for myself and the members of the Bucs UK who you may not have heard of. Brian Ford of course won our Buccaneer of the Year and is a member of our Hall of Fame, as is website designer and presenter Scott Smith, but how about some of the other people who deserve a little time in the limelight?

So I found seven individuals or teams of people who I thought needed a little recognition for things they do or have done for the benefit of many of you reading this. So in no particular order, time for the Magnificent Seven.

1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers PR team - Allen Barrett, Kelly Schutz, Dan Berglund, Jonathan Grella and Michael Pehanich - Jonathan is the voice you will hear at the end of press conferences calling an end to media questions and is also as big an 80s music buff as I am. You will often see Allen and Dan on the sidelines during games whilst Kelly has by far the best collection of shoes at One Buc Place!

2. Matt May - Buccaneers team photographer Matt has been a friend for several years now and was the first person we saw at Heathrow Airport last October as he got ready to take pictures of the team's arrival in London. All the game and practice pictures you see are from Matt's camera.

3, Nick Houllis - game DVDs You all know Nick as one of the best columnists on BUCPOWER but he and I share a sad devotion towards collecting Buccaneer game DVDs. As for those Bucs UK members who had 2010 games last year and possibly may be ordering 2011 games, they may just come from the person who really did get lost travelling from Buc Heaven to One Buc Place last November!

4. Steve Jones - Addlestone postman and Raider fan So when all the competition prizes from club members are sent to me, which poor sod has to deliver them? Steve is a die-hard Raider fan but somehow keeps avoiding the offer to come and re-watch Super Bowl XXXVII.

5. Christy Schnell - Buccaneers' front office Behind every good man is a good woman and Brian Ford has the admirable Christy Schnell organising things behind the scenes at One Buc Place for him. Those on the two club tours last year will have seen Christy handing out goodie bags to everyone who was there.

6. Andres Trescastro, Henry Doran and the Bucs' security team - Henry used to work for the Tampa police department was first Jon Gruden and then Raheem's personal escort on and off the field. He now works for Andres keeping this safe at One Buc and RJS. And I could not go without mentioning two friends from Pennyhill Park, Mike Martin and Bob Kopras who both now own Bucs UK badges and who are really top guys too.

7. Rick Moore - competition prizes - Outside of being the biggest Young Ones fan outside of the UK, Rick donated so many of the awesome prizes that we have in the competition boxes that he will always be welcome at club events on either side of the Atlantic.

When you have friends and colleagues helping you out like this, you know the Bucs UK and BUCPOWER.COM are in excellent hands for years to come.

You've been great - enjoy Hazel O'Connor.