Championship game memories
Or as the British soccer fans would call it, "Semi-final weekend". Then again, the F.A.Cup lost another piece of lustre when they started playing those games at Wembley too. But that is to digress.

Ravens at Patriots and Giants at 49ers. The over/under on how long I watch is around four minutes whilst channel hopping as it is no secret that I care not for other NFL football outside of the Buccaneers. But even I can have an interest on who makes it to the big game.

Err none of them. I can actually find a pretty good reason to dislike two of the teams and an intense dislike of the two AFC contenders. Baltimore simply for the presence of accessory-to-murder (insert allegedly here for legal reasons) Ray Lewis.

However good a player he has been, what happened at the Atlanta Super Bowl in 2001 was reason enough for him to be banned from the NFL for life. Anyone who owns the superb Playmakers series on DVD can see a scarily-similar story based around the running back in the series - can't imagine where they got the idea from.

Then you have the Patriots. Every successful film needs a bad guy to make it work and in the NFL, it's New England and Bill Belichick. The problem we of course have with them are their UK fans and the bandwagon is going to need a new suspension for all the people climbing on if they as expected, win their place in the Super Bowl.

Over in the NFC you have the Niners and the Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants (thanks Mike Carlson for that classic). If the Gotham residents win, then Tom Coughlin make actually break into a smile. And it would also mean a ton of stories in the British media about one of their defensive ends having been born in London and once having taken a taxi round the Elephant and Castle. I still cannot get over the memory of having seen Eli Manning wearing a pair of Disney boxer shorts in the Wembley locker room after the 2007 International Series game.

Which leaves the 49ers and having grown up with the sport in the 1980s, I had a dislike for any team who was better than the Buccaneers (insert own gag here) with a special place in the doghouse being reserved for the top mutt at the time, San Francisco. So even though they have been out of the sun so long they are whiter than Alabama's football team in the 1950s, I cannot want them to win either.

So I guess I will be disappointed this Sunday whatever the outcome. My own gridiron fix will be satisfied by the Bucs v Eagles' championship game from January 2003. A night that saw a lot of beer consumed and then tears of joy and happiness as Ronde Barber went more than just 92 yards to the Philly endzone.

You've been great, enjoy Tone Loc.