My own personal 2011 awards
As we reach that time of the year when everyone in the Bucs UK and on BUCPOWER.COM gets to vote in the nine different award categories, time also therefore for my annual article in which I make my own nominations and the reasons behind them.

Offense - Davin Joseph
So many players took a step back from their 2010 form that the likes of Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and LeGarrette Blount all took themselves out of the running from their pre-season favourite status. For me it is down to Dezmon Briscoe and Davin Joseph but even six touchdowns from a back-up cannot detract from a Pro Bowl performance.

Defense - Ronde Barber
Not really a lot of candidates here so I guess you have to be relative. Adrian Clayborn showed some real pass rush potential at times but was not what one could call a game-changer. So this has to go for probably the last time to Ronde Barber.

Special Teams - Connor Barth
He only missed two kicks all year, one from outside 50 yards and the other hit the post. This was the most outstanding season by a Buccaneer kicker ever.

Rookie - Adrian Clayborn
Mason Foster did some good work in the middle of the defense and Da'Quan Bowers showed flashes of his potential, but Clayborn looked like the real deal from the first game and never looked back.

NFL - Aaron Rodgers
I am not easily influenced by passing stats as the game has evolved so far in favour of the offenses that it is getting like Arena Football. But Rodgers' whole demeanour during the Packers' 15-1 season was a sight to behold and he is the man who made that team the juggernaut it was.

Bob Timoney Award for the Buccaneer of the Year - Brian Ford
No contest. None of the amazing things experienced by the Bucs UK happens without Brian's input and anyone who was at Pennyhill Park or either of the club tours to Tampa who doesn't vote for him should be ashamed of themselves.

Allan Lees Award for the Writer of the Year - Bill Simmons
How can I vote for any of our resident columnists over another? So with a nod with Roy Cummings and Martin Fennelly, I have to offer serious kudos to Bill Simmons from ESPN who left me laughing out loud so many times at his witty observations during the past season.

Nick Halling Award for the Dickhead of the Year - Ndamukong Suh
So many candidates from the people who think Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback to most of the people asking questions at the NFL Commissioner's Forum in London. But I have to go with Suh for his on-field antics and nomination for the most over-rated player of the past decade.

Favourite Buccaneer player - Josh Freeman
A very tough one this as I got to know so many of them well during the 2011 season. Donald Penn is always going to run a close second but I have to give the nod to Josh simply for the way he conducts himself with the fans. "Shall I go back down the line to make sure no-one missed out?" was his comment after the Pennyhill Park autograph session. Simply maturity beyond his years.

You've been great, enjoy the Undertones.