OK time for real football talk
Didn't the NFLPA and the owners think about fan website editors when they began the lockout? I mean, without free agency, trade rumours and salary cap discussions, what exactly do you fill a site with each day?

So we have gone through a full repetoire of historical features, counted down from 100 to 22 in the Top Buccaneers listing, and run more stories about Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith and the labour dispute than Sabby Piscitelli had missed tackles in his career. Well almost anyway.

But now we have peace in our time and one a lot more reliable than the one former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced in 1938. For players it means a chance to go back to work, for owners, the chance to make money again and for website editors, one less headache about what to fill their sites with each morning.

How busy is it at One Buc Place?
Mark Dominik took time out this week for a press conference on roster moves and player signings but you always got the impression that this was 20 minutes he really did not have to spare. For the Bucs' GM and his team including good friend of the Bucs UK Shelton Quarles, this has been a mad week.

Every player's agent will be in contact about potential contract deals, there were undrafted rookies to contact, drafted rookies to sign and decisions to make on the spending for the season ahead.

And then there are all the other potential free agents around the league, the one some message boards seem to think it is just a matter of routine to sign. Earth to these people - it is not Madden where you click a player name, click "offer contract" and wait for the "accepted offer" button to appear. This is real life and there are 31 other teams out there playing the same game.

So if CB Nnamdi Asomugha decides not to play in Tampa, or if Raheem Morris decides that WR Braylon Edwards isn't quite suited for the 2011 Buccaneers, it is not an excuse to go off on one on a board thread and state that the owners/front office/the world does not know what they are doing. 2010 proved that they all do a lot more than most people gave them credit for.

NFL moves
And in the news already this week, from the "Veteran QBs with still a little left in the tank category", Donovan McNabb went to Minnesota and Matt Hasselbeck to Tennessee.

And in other news, Bruce Gradkowski signed with Cincinnati.

The countdown
And finally on the countdown, we today reached No.22 and the most surprising current Buc of all appearing in the form of Micheal Spurlock. I will defend this selection to the hilt as this is not a stats-based countdown, nor a length-of-service or a popularity contest, it is the Top 100 Buccaneers in franchise history.

And what Spurlock did in ending the kickoff return curse in 2007 earns him a place way up in my eyes. It doesn't matter to me if he does it again every year until Bristol City win the F.A.Cup, or if he is released next week never to play for the Buccaneers again. The great curse was lifted and he was the man who did it - Santa Maria.

You've been great, enjoy Howard Jones.