Forget Flower Power, how about Buc Power!
"If you're going to San Francisco.... Don't allow a touchdown on the ground or in the air"

So with apologies to Scott McKenzie, his iconic 1967 hit about flower power and the West Coast culture does need to be re-written today.

Because it was getting on for that long ago since the 49ers were shutout at home. Yes that's right, a shutout. By the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And by the defense before you ask.

If you talk about a Tampa Bay shutout, it would normally be a story about Mike Smith stopping a bunch of shots for the Lightning. Or Matt Garza pitching the lights out for the Rays. But the Bucs?

OK so I know the apologists will start on about it "only being San Francisco" but your very own Buccaneers are now 7-3. That is one game away from the best record in the NFL. That's one game better than Peyton Manning's Colts. And way more that four games better than they finished last season because "stats are for losers" as Raheem keeps telling us.

And continuing on the musical theme, time to move into the 1980s as Gerald McCoy got his first NFL sack. Along with most of the defensive line as Troy Smith found out what his namesake Alex has for the past four seasons - life in the NFL ain't easy son.

McCoy was everywhere again and Frank Gore will be seeing him in his sleep the rest of the week. And he got some help from his friends on the line Sunday as the Buccaneers pitched their 10th career shutout, and fifth all-time on the road.

Stat alert
The other road shutouts were 1998 in Cincinnati (35-0), 2002 in Baltimore (25-0), 2002 in Chicago (15-0) and 2003 in Philadelphia (17-0). The home ones were against the Chiefs (1979), Cardinals (1985), Bears (2000), Cowboys (2003 and Falcons (2004).

We've been spoilt
The past two weeks, Fox have given the Bucs the magnificent Brian Billick on commentary duties. This game though was definitely as the bottom of the network's pecking order as although Chris Myers did an OK job on the play-by-play, Kurt Warner was frankly appalling with no real useful analysis, inane observations and erroneous comments. Stick to dancing Kurt.

You've been great, enjoy Swing Out Sister