Monday morning option passer
Well if Peter King is the official Monday morning quarterback, then the best I can be is something less than that. But at least I didn't predict a 2-14 season for the Buccaneers eh Peter?

Which brings me nicely on to the main subject today - how many more excuses can the haters come up with for not jumping on the Tampa Bay bandwagon?

You can take your pick from losing badly to two decent teams, not being able to stop the run, not selling out home games and only doing well against really naff quarterbacks. The latest classic after the game yesterday was that a third of the Bucs' wins have come against the 1-8 Panthers. Oh puhleeeze ...

Let's face it, no-one expected Raheem Morris to be a coaching a 6-3 team right now and pretty much everybody thought that six wins was the tops for the entire season. The haters out there were predicting a team even worse that the one that went 0-for-the-first-half in 2009 and saw nothing but a total train wreck coming. Well have the Bucs had news for you.

There are two things you can do when you have been proven totally wrong. You can carry on spouting more and more ridiculous arguments for your original decision (blueprint, T.Blair, London 1997-2007) or you can just run away and hide and not face the music in the media or on message boards (take your pick here).

The Bucs are 6-3. Fact. And they are in the playoff hunt. Fact. The only choice you have left now is to carry on burying your heads in the sand like an ostrich, or get on board the Buccaneer bandwagon where most have us have been for some time. You might even enjoy the view.

Around the NFL
John Fox probably coached his final Panther game in Tampa on Sunday. At 1-8, he is officially a dead-man walking now with no contract beyond the end of this season. Other similar coaches taking the Green Mile right now are Brad Childress (and doesn't he look like Tony Kornheiser from ESPN?), Marvin Lewis and anyone left in Dallas once Jerry Jones has spoken officially to Jon Gruden.

Talking of look-a-likes, has anyone else noticed how Micheal Spurlock looks like comedian Chris Rock?

Talking of dead-men walking, anyone else think Maurice Stovall remains on the roster past the end of this season?

I loved the news out of Miami that their new starting quarterback, Chad Pennington, lasted one play before getting hurt again and giving way to the previous incumbent, Chad Henne. Going back to my nursery rhyme days at school. does the phrase "Henne, Penny, the sky is falling in" ring true?

The Vikings managed to implode again on Sunday and they are officially toast now for 2010. I really have mixed feelings about the Purple Lotus Eaters as one of my best friends is the most die-hard Minnesota fans in the world and flies from the UK for every Viking home game. So I want them to win for Geoff but I really hope they lose every damn game for that self-centered idiot of a quarterback of theirs.

When was the last time Peyton Manning failed to throw a touchdown pass? Probably the last time I picked him for my fantasy team. The QB curse of the Borg strikes again. Time to pick Troy Smith for next Sunday.

Brett Favre apparently called a press conference last week to announce that 2010 was "definitely his final season". Until his next press conference that is.

You've been great, enjoy Jan Hammer