Thoughts on going 2-0
The world is full of people who see the glass half-empty. The negative types, the pessimists, and in the case of message board Buccaneer fans, the idiotic trolls who get a small kick out of their lives by posting ridiculous defeatist comments all the time.

And it's not just Buc fans who have to suffer this. The Rays have one of the best records in baseball, are on their way to the playoffs again with a small payroll, and yet still there are daily trolls kicking them when they lost and trying to get the coach fired.

Well I just bet the Buccaneer-types are just choking on their Corn Flakes this morning - Raheem's boys are 2-0, Mark's front office types look like they really know what they are doing, and the Glazers can celebrate both their sporting franchises being undefeated.

It is a long time since I saw a young quarterback that poised and assured in his second NFL season. In fact, only the names Manning and Marino come to mind in the 30 years I have been following the gridiron (I could never spell Gradk ...Gadkow... that bloke who is now starting for Oakland).

And as one of the delirious message board posters in the UK commented last night, this is a young team with no stars that is prepared to play for each other, as a team. You can keep your high-priced superstars, your mouthy receivers and your quarterbacks who only turn up when training camp is over.

You can keep your 0-2 Dallas Cowboys, your overweight Big Apple coaches with an ego to match their stomach. You can keep your Peter King predictions in Sports Illustrated that had the Bucs going 2-14.

Because your Pewter Pirates have the two already and we are starting to dream of another win next week in Former Buc Defensive Back Coach Bowl as Mike Tomlin and the Steelers come to Tampa.

There is a tradition that my work colleagues know well over here, the appearance of my Buccaneer tie when the Bucs have won. I had to scrape the mothballs off it last December when the Bucs picked up their two late season wins but now it is becoming a regular Monday event.

No-one is still expecting Raheem to be lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Quincy Black to be blitzing quarterbacks in the playoffs or the trolls to stop their on-line negativity. We have to be realistic here. But realism right now is seeing the Bucs 2-0 and to quote a certain fast-food chain, "I'm lovin' it".

You've been great, enjoy Fat Larry's Band.