Introducing the editorial team of BUCPOWER.COM
As this site approaches the incredible total of four million hits (just say it to yourself and try to comprehend it), I have always been trying to improve and develop the site further to maintain its position at the forefront of all things Buccaneer.

And with one of Britain's leading gridiron writers, Steve Careford, coming on board each Saturday to offer a different look at the NFL, I thought it time to introduce our own starting line-up for the season ahead.

From left to right, we will start with Denis Crawford, author of the outstanding book McKay's Men, a member of the Bucs UK Hall of Fame, and one of the members of the successful touch football team that defeated the Patriots in London last year. Residing in Cleveland (by way of Uxbridge) with his wife Amy, Denis writes historical articles about the franchise and is a walking encylopedia about the 35-year travels of the Buccaneers.

Alex Howells has written several articles for the site in the past and is going to step up each Tuesday to offer his opinions on the Bucs. Alex was one of the star members of the Bucs UK touch football team and is a Britball veteran now playing for the Bristol Apache.

On Wednesdays we will be bringing you Nick Houllis, editor of the excellent site and a fellow avid collector of Buccaneer game DVDs like myself. Nick is also a member of the Bucs UK Hall of Fame and has joined myself and Phil Jones on the sideline for Buccaneer home games the past two seasons.

Chris Bruno is the man behind the amazing section that the site now has on Facebook and has been writing columns for BUCPOWER for the past year. Chris will take the Thursday slot and promises to keep insulting JaMarcus Russell for as long as necessary. Living in New York, he is a beacon of pewter in the Big Apple.

And the latest member of the writing team is an old friend of mine, Steve Careford. Steve founded the satirical fanzine Extra Point in the 1990s and was its editor for four years before handing on the reins to myself. His style is incredibly funny and he will be looking at all things NFL including regular insults at Brett Favre each Saturday.

So that leaves me to continue with my Friday editorial columns that I double up with in The Tampa Tribune. You can hear me on air each Tuesday on the JP Peterson Happy Hour Show on CBS 1010 Sports radio, and I will be proudly trying to keep up with the standard that these guys will set.

BUCPOWER.COM continues to evolve and grow as it enters its ninth season of following the Buccaneers on-line and the cast of contributors has changed over the years. And whilst we will continue to print the outstanding daily work done by the likes of Roy Cummings, Anwar Richardson, Ira Kaufman, Rick Stroud et al, I am sure that you will not find a better set of columnists anywhere on the internet writing about our Tampa Bay Buccaneers.