A final look back at Week 2
The play-by-play analysis of Gaines Adams pretty much summed up how he performed (or didn't) last week. Again not a lot of pass rush and another defensive mauling making it six in a row. Surprisingly enough, the Bucs have lost all those six too.

The positives to take away from the first regular season trip to Orchard Park? Errr... the game was shown live on British TV.

Looking ahead to Week 3
So the Bucs are 0-2 and getting slaughtered on the local message boards and here come the mighty all-conquering Masters of the Universe, sorry the New York Giants. Naturally in the Any Given Sunday world of the NFL, the Bucs will win. This is what predicting is all about. Nothing ever goes to plan as football is not played on paper. And as Chris Berman always says, "that's why we play the game".

The fearless forecast
Disaster in Week 2 as a bunch of upsets left me at 6-10 and now 17-15 on the season. At least I called the Jets over the Patriots as my upset of the week.

Washington Native Americans at Detroit Yazz
Anyone think Jay Campbell is an NFL-calibre quarterback? Even our defense could make him look like one in a couple of weeks but for now, it's the Lions who will try to take advantage of his inconsistent play and end their losing streak at 19. They're just seven away from our record now. Upset pick of all-time: Detroit.

Green Bay Packers at St.Louis Lambs
So much for all those people who had the Pack steam-rollering teams on their way to winning the NFC title. They may still do so and will get back on track this week against one of the poorest teams in the league right now. Pick: Packers.

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings
Are the Niners for real? I'm fed up with hearing about it from a pair of San Francisco fans I work with so for once, I'm rooting for Brett "five-yard checkdown" Favre. Pick: Vikings.

Atlanta Falcons at New England Videocheats
And are the Falcons for real? Are rumours of the Patriots' demise a little premature? This really is the game of the week in more ways than one. Go for experience over potential every time. Pick: Patriots.

Tennessee Titans at New York J-E-T-S- Jets Jets Jets
A must-win for the Titans and the same experience over potential theory holds here as Jeff Fisher can out-coach anyone. Did you know Fisher once returned a punt for a touchdown against the Bucs in 1981 for Chicago? Pick: Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
The return of Michael Vick. Add another QB for Jeff Garcia to get the hump about. Earth to Jeff - when Donovan's back, you're out of there. This isn't the Saints' offense that Philly are playing this week. Pick: Eagles.

Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants at your very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The 2-0 Giants and the 0-2 Bucs. But all reason goes out of the window in this column (add your own punchline here). Pick: Bucs.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens
Art Modell Bowl. I still don't believe in Joe Flacco and will need a few more weeks of stellar performances to change my mind. And beating the Brownie defense at home doesn't count. Pick: Ravens.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Everyone jumps back on the Texan bandwagon (or is that just wagon) after their win in Tennessee. This is where the parity of the NFL comes into play. Another upset pick: Jaguars.

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills
Someone tell the Bayou fans that it's not how well you play in September that wins championships. I remember the 2000 Bucs going 3-0 and flattening teams too. But the Saints are still a lot better than another NFC South team was in Buffalo last weekend. Pick: Bills.

Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks
Seneca or Matt? Seahawk fans were last seen pleading for the return of Dave Krieg or even Jim Zorn. If they were playing anyone decent, I'd tip them to lose at home but it's only Chicago. Pick: Seahawks.

Miami Dolphins at San Diego Superchargers
This was the game in 2002 that I was commentating on for British TV when I said that Drew Brees (then with San Diego) would never be a successful NFL QB. Oh well we all make mistakes as R2-D2 said climbing off the trash can. Florida teams are 0-6 in the NFL this season by the way. Pick: Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals
Chad Oompa-Loompa or whatever he's called this week managed to do his Lambeau Leap. Could someone stuff a Terrible Towel in his mouth this week please? Pick: Steelers.

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raydurs
So the Raiders are THIS close to being 2-0. Against a Norv Turner team and the Chiefs. And they could even win this one too. Wait until they start playing some real teams. Pick: Raiders.

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals
A new record for NFL accuracy (Kurt Warner not my predictions). Vinny nearly set that record in 1992 for the Bucs but Courtney Hawkins dropped a pass that would have made him 23 of 25 on the day). Brenda Warner takes all the credit as usual. Pick: Colts.

Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys
What a Monday night game. The Panthers stink up the joint and could even fill Jerry Jones' rebuilt nose with the waft of their impotent offense. But please keep Jake Delhomme in there starting until after we've played them. This is my Survivor pick of the week. Pick: Cowboys.

Paul Stewart, TBO.com, September 2009