A final look back at Week 1
JP Peterson hit the nail on the head this week when he warned Buc fans not to set their expectations too high. This is not a team that is going to win every game or even have a chance to win every game, but it is one that is going to build for the future so look for improvements more than anything.

Yes there were disappointing parts to the loss to Dallas, Sabby, Kellen, Mike Nugent to name but three. But the offensive line, the running game, the offense, Geno Hayes - all make the glass worth looking at as half-full.

Looking ahead to Week 2
Yes this is the first time the Bucs have played in Buffalo in a regular season game. But they did play there in the 1977 pre-season and lost 17-6. Former Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer player (and Brit) Derek Smethurst was trying to win the kicking job but missed a short fieldgoal and an extra point. He was cut the following day and the Bucs went back to Dave Green doubling up as punter and kicker for much of that season.

The fearless forecast
11-5 in Week 1 was a good start (yes I know the Pigskin Preacher went 12-4 and Lee was 13-3). I was THIS close to picking San Francisco has my upset pick instead of Washington. Oh well, if is a pretty big word sometimes.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons
And the Panthers announce that Joke Delhomme will remain as the starting QB. Yes that was the sound of the Falcons' defensive backs having a party. Pick: Falcons.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Yazz
The common tactic in Survivor contests is to pick whoever is playing the Lions. It worked well in 2008 but sooner or later, they're gonna win one. Not this week though. Pick: Vikings.

Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers
Chad Tinky-Winky, about as desperate for publicity as Posh Spice Beckham these days, promises to do a Lambeau Leap if he scores. You know, I hope he does. And the Packer fans throw him back like the Cub fans do at Wrigley Field with home run balls. Pick: Packers.

Houston we have a problem Texans at Tennessee Titans
This just in from Houston - Gary Kubiak has asked the NFL to switch the season to October through February. Then he won't have to worry about the Texans' usual 0-4 start. Pick: Titans.

Oakland Raydurs at Kansas City Chiefs
You know when you are on the bottom of the television schedule list when you get assigned to a game like this. Pick (like anyone cares) Raiders.

New England Video Cheats at New York J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
More trash talking ahead of this AFC East clash. The Jets surprised a lot of people with their win in Houston last week. Can they do it again? Upset pick: Jets.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles
No McNab, no Vick so Jeff Garcia gets to pout about Kevin Kolb this week. Is there an NFL quarterback out there who Jeff hasn't whinged about yet? Pick: Eagles.

St. Louis Lambs at Washington Native Americans
The Rams are still looking for their first point of the season. I'd love to see them win this one just for Dan Snyder to throw his toys totally out of his pram but the Redskins are my Survivor team this week. Pick: Redskins.

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars
Here goes Kurt Warner's bi-annual meltdown. The Jags this week move a step closer to taking Tim Tebow in the middle of the 2010 1st round when no-one else would touch him. Pick: Jaguars.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
Don't get too excited about the Seahawks just yet - it was only the Rams they beat in Week 1. The NFC West really is shaping up to be a pushover for Jim Mora Jr's team though. Pick: Seahawks.

Your vew own Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills
This is a column written by a Buc fan - no brainer. Sabby gets a pick this week and threatens to shove the ball down the throats of two certain Tampa morning talk show hosts. Pick: Bucs.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears
Nice debut there Jay. Another game like that and Jim McMahon will be coming out of retirement. Pick: Steelers.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Superchargers
Norv Turner always does it - takes a super-talented team and makes them mediocre. How do you struggle to beat the Raiders? Pick: Chargers.

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos
The Broncos won't need another miracle to win this week but they are still a pretty poor team. Brady "Not the Mighty" Quinn needs to step it up and fast. Pick: Broncos.

Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants at Dallas Cowboys
First punter to hit the scoreboard gets a bonus point. And then you could try and hit Jerry Jones' ego which is about the same size. Pick: Cowboys.

Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins
And when things start to go wrong, they always go wrong in bunches. Now it's Anthony Gonzalez out for Peyton and his pals. They won last week but only just. Pick: Dolphins.

Paul Stewart, TBO.com, September 2009