Thoughts on the opening pre-season game
The starting defense looked good, the second and third-string defense didn't. But unless you are 30 points up or down, there is not a lot of call for the likes of Kyle Arrington, Rashaad Duncan and Matt McCoy to see time on the field during the 2009 regular season.

The debate over who should play quarterback continues and simply because Josh Johnson ran 40+ yards on a fumbled snap, he is the new hero of the message boards. OK, so exactly how many of those Tennessee defenders will even be in the NFL in a month's time?

Tanard Jackson
One thought on the four game suspension. You don't just get these out of the blue from the NFL. This is the second stage of the process and both Jackson and the Bucs would have been aware of the count being one strike against him already. If you can't learn from your mistakes, then you deserve everything that is coming to you. Yes it will hurt the Bucs and it will hurt him. The count is now 0-2 Tanard and it's your move.

Michael Crabtree
So let me get this straight - he wants a bigger contract than the guy picked three spots ahead of him because Mel Kiper thought he was a better player going into the draft. What planet is he on and more importantly, which moron is advising him?

This makes Errict Rhett's 1996 contract holdout look like child's play. Aside from by giving in to Crabtee it would make Kiper even more unbearable than he is now (actually come to think of it, that isn't actually possible), this is the most inane position yet put forward by a player in any pro sports.

I really hope Mike Singletary and the Niners tell this guy to stick it, let him rot in his living room for a year and then see how far he gets with a sixth-round contract offer come the 2010 NFL draft.

Madden 2010
So the new game is on the shelves. I'm not a big game player myself outside of Front Office Football, but I have one question over Madden 2010, Fifa 2011, Pro Female Wrestler 2015 and the like, It's 2009 guys so why do you always have to use the year afterwards in the title?

Michael Clayton
Today is the fourth anniversary of Roy Cummings first writing about MC-80 having a breakout season. Is there any truth in the rumour that the Tampa Tribune sports department's fantasy league allocates Clayton to Roy's roster automatically now until the prediction actually comes true?

Final thought on the Tennessee game
The Titans won 27-20. Big wow.

Final thought on Michael Clayton
I agree with Roy that it will be this year. He played a lot better in 2008 than people realise.

You've been great - enjoy Bananarama.

Paul Stewart,, August 2009