The Fearless Forecast (80s music edition)
The last two weeks have seen this predicting thing getting a bit easier. A 9-4 mark in Week 4 followed Week 3's high point of 14-2 leaving me 39-21 overall for the season. Not bad for a rookie at this business. Time for a special 80s music version of the fearless forecast this week especially for JD because I know he loves that era so much.

San Diego Super Chargers at Miami Dolphins
I remember covering this match-up on British TV a few years ago when Ray Lucas out-passed Drew Brees for an easy Miami victory. Now it will all be on the ground with LT and Ronnie B doing their best REO Speedwagon impressions by trying to "Take it on the run". Pick: San Diego.

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers
"Young guns having some fun, forget passing, we'll just run. Wise guys realise, there's danger in taking to the skies." I don't think Wham! will ever forgive me for altering their lyrics that badly. Just so long as George Michael doesn't follow me into the toilets. Pick: Green Bay.

Chicago Da Bears at Detroit Ex-Buccaneers
t The end of the Matt Millen era in the Windy City. And the one song you could guarantee they weren't playing in Motown this week was KC and the Sunshine Band's "Please don't go". Useless stat of the week - the drummer for KC and the Sunshine Band's brother was former Buccaneer linebacker Cecil Johnson. Upset pick of the week: Detroit.

Seattle Seahawks at Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants
Every year, Mike Holmgren's boys rack up the most airmiles in the NFL. They should get Lisa Stansfield to sing "All around the world" to make them feel at home. Pick: NY Giants.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens
Two of the NFL's under-the-radar teams meet up here with the quietest 4-0 team in history on the road. All either team wants is to emulate Erasure and gain "A little respect". Pick: Tennessee.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston we have a problem Texans
The last three years, the Colts started 7-0. Now they want to "Turn back time" and re-discover their old form. Because the division leaders are running out of sight. Pick: Indianapolis.

Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers
All too quietly, the Panthers have moved into a tie for the division lead with the 3-1 mark as the Bucs. And guess who comes to town next weekend? Against the hapless Chiefs, they could really send us a "Warning Sign". Pick: Carolina.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
So the Philly press lay into Andy Reid for not running it enough. And when he tries four straight rushes from the one-yard line and fails, they lay into him for not passing. He should employ Alexander O'Neal because "All they want to do is Criticise". Pick: Philadelphia.

Your very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Enver Broncos
Adam and the Ants had an album track in 1981 entitled "Mile High Club" but I somehow don't think it was about playing the Broncos in their home stadium. The Broncos want to pass, the Bucs want to run. And sorry but I don't pick against my Bucs unlike some pundits on (eh Darin?). Pick: Tampa Bay.

Cincinnati Criminals at Dallas Cowboys
With two coaches already gone, the countdown has started on Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati but he still harbours hopes of a victory this weekend. So he really is Go West and "The King of Wishful thinking". Pick: Dallas.

Toronto/Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinal bandwagon lost a couple of wheels on the East Coast but now returns home trying to get Kurt Warner to throw to his own receivers again. But Buffalo are on a roll, looking for 5-0 and about to emulate Haircut 100 by making it a "Fantastic Day". Pick: Buffalo.

New England VideoCheats at San Francisco 49ers
Apparently JT stands for Just Touchdowns O'Sullivan - ah ok, thanks for that one guys. Only one song reference possible for Belichick though and that's Bucks Fizz with their 1982 hit "My camera never lies". Pick: San Francisco.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Steelers are so desperate at running back that Franco Harris was seen around Heinz Field this week looking for a workout. With no ground game, Pittsburgh will be doing their Phil Collins impression to go "In the air tonight". Pick: Jacksonville.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints
Mike Turico, Jaws and Tony K head into the Bayou for this week's Monday Night Football and will be joined by British TV's team of Nate "Great Name" Coombs and Mike Carlson. Too bad there's a dome in New Orleans or they could have had Duran Duran singing "New moon on Monday". Pick: New Orleans.

Paul Stewart,, 4 October 2008