Working with the Buccaneers
One of the recent projects I have been involved in with the Bucs' front office, is producing the final definitive list of games played and started across the history of the franchise. Whereas recent seasons are totally accurate thanks to more detailed NFL statistics, some of the early years are spotty to say the least.

One of the best problems we have found so far comes from 1977 where one game has RB Louis Carter not actually starting. But when I checked the game DVD, there he was blocking for Anthony Davis on the first offensive play. Hmm, this could get complicated as adding a start for him means taking one away from someone else on the roster.

We also had a great one where RB Dennis Bligen was down only having played in the 1986 season finale against the Cardinals. But again the game DVD comes to the rescue as he is on special teams the week before against the Packers.

So without getting to Bill Frindall (the bearded twat off the cricket) levels of sadness, myself, Jeff Kamis and Jan Blaine are currently working through all the remaining queries to hopefully produce the final definitive list for the history of the franchise.

Wembley tickets
It seems as though everyone and their dog was offered "an exclusive ticket order code" by NFL UK last week as the first batch of 40,000 tickets for the Saints-Chargers' match-up went on sale. Most of the people I have spoken to have been able to order what they want so far so I cannot see any "500,000 application" press releases coming out of the NFL this time round.

To be totally honest, I am not bothered about being there or not. If it's not the Bucs, then I really don't care. But I will be at Wembley if The Tampa Tribune want me to cover the game and also to meet up with other members of the Bucs UK.

Sports radio hosts in Tampa
Many club members have been listening to my new regular spot on the JP Peterson Show on 1010 Sports. The week we had Phil Jones on as well was quite entertaining. Believe me, it was worth speaking to him BEFORE he went to Moscow. He's been totally unbearable since United won the Champions League.

But the fallout from my switch from 620 The Sports Animal continues with Dumb & Dumber continuing to make even bigger idiots of themselves over the subject. The best one came last week when Ron Diaz was slagging off BUCPOWER.COM saying it was not worth visiting at all.

This of course is the same site that he spent three years praising to the hilt. Could it be that he only promotes shows or events that he has a vested (financial) interest in? Naaahhh, surely not.

And finally...
It's the Bucs UK Fantasy League draft this weekend in Congleton with all 12 owners ready for another 24 hours of drinking, player selection and total bull****. Lee Bromfield will have to wear a Man Utd scarf after losing to Jonesy last seaso, Richard "Aim High, Vote" Lowe will have to wear the dick tie for finishing 1-13, and Simon "SFP" Butt will have to suffer abuse for Chelsea winning sod all this season.

It is a memorable event and one that all of us look forward to for the entire year. Maybe I need to go and start doing some preparation for it .....

You've been great - enjoy Altered Images.

Paul Stewart, June 2008