A monthly round-up of Buc and NFL news
Aside from putting together all these video highlight screens (and believe me, they take long enough), there is still a lot happening behind the scenes on BUCPOWER.COM.

All of the game screens from the 1983, 1984 and 1985 seasons have been updated and I am currently working on the 1988 season. In addition, I am trying to track down missing pictures from some of the lesser-known Buc players in a vain attempt to try and find a shot of every player in franchise history.

So as well as trying to find regular stories and updates for the front page of the site, there is always something going on regarding the now 5,904 screens behind the index.

Trent Dilfer to retire
Sad news out of San Francisco this month as former Buc (and Brown, Raven, Seahawk and 49ers) Trent Dilfer is going to announce his retirement. How about the Bucs sign him to a special one-day contract so he can retire a Buc? No, thought not.

Pity Roy Cummings
Now Roy has been the beat writer for The Tampa Tribune for a few years now so is well known in NFL circles. And it is this time every year that his phone doesn't stop ringing as agents try and drum up alleged interest in their clients for the Buccaneers. "Joe Blow would just LOVE to play in Tampa" says the Jerry Maguire look-a-like. And Roy sighs and takes down the quote to add to the 100 he already has that week.

It's all crap really and everyone knows it. The Bucs know who they are after and no kind of agent-led media hype is going to change their opinion on a player. But it still doesn't stop all these Drew Rosenhaus wannabes calling the Trib sports desk daily.

The Top 10 individual unbreakable records
Our old friend Scott Smith ran a superb feature on the Bucs' own site last week in which he listed the 10 individual franchise records which he believes are the most unbreakable. And after he ran the first half of the story with the 6th-10th entries, I mailed him with my suggestions for what the top five would be. And had one in there that he'd forgotten!

So that is the reason Jimmie Giles' four TD reception game in Miami in 1985 is in the list at No.2, and Dave Green's 100 punts in 1977 was only an honourable mention! I still think Steve DeBerg's seven interceptions in one game (the 1986 season opener against San Francisco) deserved a mention. Even Vinny never got further than six in a game.

You've been great - enjoy Rick Astley.

Paul Stewart, March 2008