What do we have planned on BUCPOWER.COM in 2008?
One thing I do like about the regular season is that there are always stories every day to include on the front page. But once you get into the off-season, well the actual news coming out of One Buc Place does tend to slow down, as do the columns contributed by our regular writers.

But rest assured loyal followers of the Pewter Pirates, I have a lot lined up for the site during the 2008 off-season!

The off-season is my chance to catch up on a lot of screen development behind the scenes on BUCPOWER and having taken a full file download, I have been pruning out the old irrelevant files and will be re-visiting every one of the 5,600 that remain to update and modify where necessary.

And then the following day .... Just because you don't see a lot of changes on the front page, don't think for a minute that other screens are not being updated. Right now I am adding all the 2007 stats and season details to the player profile screens, as well as modifying some of the old season screens. Check out what I have done to the 1980 game report screens as an example.

I have also added the picture animations that are so popular on the current game screens, to all games from the 2006 season and will shortly be adding them to the 2005 season as well. It just depends on whether I have enough landscape-orientated pictures to make it worthwhile.

I have also taken a full download of all the picture images on the server, some 7,800 of them, and am checking the titles and validity of each of them too. It now seems that I do have action pictures from every single game in franchise history and will be updating the game screens with those that have recently been acquired.

And now the big news
We have done a few countdowns in the past, best player, worst trades etc, but the one we have planned to start in February is going to blow people away. Believe me, the research that is going into this one needs to be seen to be believed, but everyone is going to be talking about it when we start. And it's not a listing of all the seasons that I have won the Fantasy League either.

So keep visiting BUCPOWER.COM and if you know of another Buccaneer fan who does not spend as much time here as you do, let them know about us. Remember, it's totally free and always will be too.

Paul Stewart, 4 January 2008