The best damn weekend of the year
Forget the NFL draft, this is the real thing for us fans. June 2nd 2007 is this year's Bucs UK Fantasy League draft day and 12 franchise owners will descend upon Congleton for the latest installment in this magnificent event.

The FFL enters its 16th season this year which is one hell of an achievement in itself. 1992 seems a long time ago since we embarked on this mad dash (and futile one in Jonesy's case) for the championship trophy and a lot of people have come and gone in terms of league members.

For this is no open event - to get into this league, you need to have a certain warped mentality and an ability to handle any kind of abuse thrown at you. If you haven't got a thick skin, then this is not for you! So hence every selection you make is open to immediate ridicule from everyone else present. Ahh, if only the NFL draft was the same....

The Bob Timoney Conference
Pee Jays Pirates (Phil Jones)
Tesco Truckers (Gary Botteley)
The Dead Zombies (Simon Butt)
Madden Turkeylegs (John Davies)
The Outstanding Warrants (Wayne Maw)
The Malicious Penguins (Richard Lowe)

The Bill Thompson Conference
The Masked Raider (Steve Careford)
The Hurried Vikings (Geoff Reader)
The Tractor Boys (Steve Reeder)
The Dodgy Athletics (Martin Dodds)
The Punting Idiots (Clive Williams)
The Cosmic Clap (Lee Bromfield)
The draft has grown over the years to the extent where we now video much of the event in terms of owners walking up to announce their selections. We also have a bunch of head-to-head rivalry trophies that are also presented ranging from the Tossers Trophy to the Terance Wilkins Shirt.

And this will be the first year when I have not had to spend weeks preparing and researching my draft list to make sure my own franchise was the pre-season favourite. I have handed my franchise over to Richard Lowe so I can become non-playing Commissioner with a mandate to be tougher and harsher than Roger Goodell!

What I would suggest to anyone who is not in a proper fantasy league, to get into one for 2007. A devoted league such as this playing head-to-head games each week is a ton more fun than a total points league against 100s of other unknown people.

And as for the infamous FFL threads on the message board, well they have to be seen to be believed. So forgive a 24 hour interlude in updating the site - being legally drunk is hardly frowned upon in this league, it's actually mandatory.

Paul Stewart, June 2007