Defense still wins championships
He was watching the game same as you. He saw the safety to start off the Super Bowl and it probably reminded him of Devin Hester scoring on the opening kickoff in his. But he wasnt thinking about Hester- and neither should you. At some point last night Lovie Smith was thinking; "I told them"

Defense still wins championships. Sure there are rule changes; trust me- they're nothing compared to the shock the NFL went through in 1978 when before that receivers could be crucified on a cross at midfield and still not called a flag. NFL made it closed season on WR and in the 80s they called Pass Interference if you breathed on a WR the wrong way.

It opened up offenses- and spured the decade of the QB. Sound familiar? Yet in all that- still nothing has changed. Defense still wins championships.

You would think we would have learned. In 1999 they called the Rams the greatest show of Turf. They could score from where ever they want- whenever they want. And with 4 quarters left in the game it was a 6-5 Bucs lead. Defense wins championships. Always has...always will.

Bucs fans scoffed when they heard Lovie Smith utter the words a few weeks ago- that you can win 8 games with Defense alone. Add special teams and you got 10. People snickered..."This is the age of the QB driven league". The only driving last night was by Seattle fans to StarBucks to celebrate their team- our Bucs sister franchise- win their first ever World Championship. So lets put it to rest.

Letís stop talking about Peyton and talk about Defensive Lines. Letís quit the chatter on Brady and Luck because where were they? Letís talk about Lovie's new defense that he is going to build. Because defense still win champioinships. The more they change the NFL the more it stays the same.